6 Things to Note Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Here’s a quick and easy guide you can use before you renovate the loo.

Updated on October 19, 2018 8:10 am

Jemma Chiu

Things to Note Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may only take up a small space but it has an important use in your home. You may have seen a lot of design inspirations for your dream bathroom yet still clueless on how to start with the process.

Whether you’re thinking of renovating it or designing it for your new home, here are the things you should consider before embarking on a bathroom renovation project:

1. Decide on your preference.


Regardless if you want a functional bathroom or an elegant hotel-like one, you should be able to decide first on what you need. Do you need a child- and elder-friendly loo? How big should it be? These factors will determine the design, materials, fixtures as well as the budget that you’ll need in this whole renovation process.

2. Think about your available space.

Singaporean homes usually have limited space and your floor space will determine the fixtures that you will install. While it helps to ask your interior designer or the contractors with regard to the measurements needed, it pays to have a sound and good estimate on your own so that you can start with researching and eventually, planning.

3. Include space for storage.

Storage units are important for a clutter-free space. Plan for proper storage before doing the actual renovation.

4. Consider lighting.

Properly plan your bathroom lighting before renovating it. Make sure that you have a well-lighted space in this area to avoid accidents and mishaps.

5. Prioritise water conservation.

According to PUB, more than 57% of your total water consumption at home is used in the bathroom. In renovating your bathroom, you should consider how you can conserve water with your fixtures.

6. Use easy-to-maintain materials.


Bathrooms tend to accumulate grease and grime faster than any space in your home so it is only wise to design it for easy maintenance. Use materials such as tiles, doors, and mirrors that can be cleaned easily to keep maintenance to a minimum.

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