Things You Are Doing At Home That Might Be Ruining The Environment

It’s time to be conscious about our practices at home.

Updated on April 20, 2019 3:04 am

Stephanie Yee

Things You Are Doing At Home That Might Be Ruining The Environment

You might not be aware of it, but some habits you have at home could be causing the planet harm and danger. Here are some of the things you should stop doing so you could start saving your bigger home (Earth):

1. Throwing away old electronics

If you think that throwing that old battery will give you an uncluttered home, well, unfortunately, you've been harming the environment quite a bit. Old electronics contain a toxic cocktail of harmful elements including cadmium, lead, and mercury, and these can leak into waterways and eventually cause dangerous pollution. Make sure that you properly dispose of your old electronics. Bring it to a recycler if you don’t know how to tinker with it or look for Take-Back or Trade-In shops.

2. Using soaps with harmful elements

Many soap brands contain triclosan, a very harmful chemical that leads to serious health conditions and causes cancer in mice. It is extremely resilient and can stand water treatment. And because of that, it can reach the oceans and destroy organisms that form the base of our ecosystem. Though it has been banned for quite some time, some soaps still have a trace of this antibacterial element. It is best to go organic in every way!

3. Making use of coffee pods

Sure, those small coffee pods bring you gourmet-quality coffee but these ones are small yet terrible. The plastic and aluminium pods are difficult to recycle and billions end up in landfills each year. There are a lot of alternatives that you can use to brew your favourite drink in the morning.

4. Ignoring plastic packaging

Many companies have already substituted their plastic packaging with greener, more sustainable ones. While plastic packaging is inevitable, you can check the recycling numbers on the products you buy that are packaged in plastic to see whether you can recycle them.

5. Not composting

It is easy to compost at home that you don’t even need a garden to do so. A small container with a lid in the kitchen will suffice. When you stop throwing biodegradables from the kitchen into the landfill bin, this small lifestyle change will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, the amount of household waste you produce, and the amount that you send to landfill sites.

6. Wasting so much paper

We are all guilty of throwing away pieces of paper that can be reused at least once. Make it a habit to use and reuse paper wisely.

7. Using disposable chopsticks

Surprisingly, disposable chopsticks are stripping our forests bare. According to Greenpeace, almost 4 million trees are being sacrificed to produce billions of pairs of disposable chopsticks each year. These chopsticks are also being treated with chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. Also, other disposable cutleries can cause Mother Nature to cry in despair. Instead of using disposable chopsticks as well as fork and spoons, switch to metal or other sustainable ones.

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