Video: Clever DIY Projects Done in Less than a Minute Each

Need a quick DIY inspiration? Look no further—this video features nine crafty projects done in 60 seconds.

Updated on January 31, 2018 16:01 pm

Samantha Echavez

In this four-minute video, designer Pierre Lota created design projects that are not only clean and elegant but also easy to do! Using basic materials like magazines, paper, wooden board, and plastic soda bottle, Lota was able to quickly craft decorative and functional pieces.

1. This DIY wall lamp has that minimalistic look that would be perfect in any contemporary or black-and-white themed space.

2. A flower vase made out of bottle and paper cutouts? Brilliant!

3. This magazine rack made out of shoebox has "designer-made" written all over it.

4. Shoebox-turned-pendant lamp? Possible!

5. Who would've thought you could make a side table out of two magazines?

6. Make your own minimalistic and clean cardboard lamp.

7. With four empty bottles and a wooden board, you can make your own nifty stool or side table.

8. Here is a hook like no other:

9. Bored with the usual flower vase? Try this:

To check the rest of the video, watch here:

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Video courtesy of adjrara


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