Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home

Start living on positive vibes with these easy techniques you can apply in your daily home life.

Updated on January 31, 2019 8:01 am

Stephanie Yee

Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy at Home

Your home is a repository of your energy because of the amount of time you spend there. So it is important that you only harness positive energy and cleanse it of negative energy to start an upward trend in your family life.

With these basic techniques, you can enhance the energy lurking in your home to sustain happiness and orderliness in your life:

1. It’s time to clean up.

Your home is the reflection of your inner state so every time that you declutter, dust, straighten up, and organise your things, you restore order in your space. A clean and orderly place feels light and bright, which are high-vibrating energies. The sweeping motion that you do every time creates a palpable energetic shift of sweeping out the old and making way for refreshments.

2. Open your windows.

Because air is alive and full of potent life force, you should let it in your home once in a while by opening your windows. By doing so, you inhale its cleansing energy and exhale the negativity out.

3. Rearrange your furniture.

Move your furniture around so that there is as much free, open space as possible to break up and disperse negative energy patterns in your room.

4. A bowl of sea salt is all you need.

Putting a small bowl of sea salt in the northeast and southwest corners of your home helps balance the energy flow in your home.

5. Include potted plants in your room.

Not only is it an interior design trend this year, but having plants inside your space refreshes and gives you a sort of connection to the outside world. If you already have plants indoors, remove dead or dying plants immediately so that it won’t channel negative energy in your home.

6. Burn incense.

Keep a stash of incense sticks handy because you’ll never know when a negative energy might slip in. These sticks will be useful in shifting energy immediately and in balancing your surroundings.

7. Nothing beats the power of beautiful and motivating words.

Make it a habit to speak motivating and beautiful words every time in your home. Words create an unseen force in your home that attracts their likeness into our lives. When you honour their power, words will fuel your ability to live a bountiful and positive life.

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