7 Ways to Organise Your Underwear

How to keep your intimates efficiently organised

Updated on October 17, 2018 8:10 am

Stephanie Yee

Ways to Organise Your Underwear

Getting dressed in a hurry can cause a hurricane of mess in our wardrobe. Undies everywhere, clothes here and there. While it seems too impossible for these small underwears to cause a huge mess, your drawers and closets beg to disagree.

It is really important to keep your private items efficiently organised so that you have less headache as you rush to get dressed. Here are clever ways on how you can organise your undies in no time:

1. Sort them out.


If your old undies have holes, ripped, and have been unused overtime, maybe it’s time to throw them out. Sort through your stuff and reduce your undies collection with only the ones that you need and use so that you won’t have to deal with a huge clutter in the future.

2. Invest in a proper storage box.


If you have a huge collection of camisoles or lingerie, consider investing on a huge chest to keep things in order.

3. Master the art of stacking.


Organise your brassieres by using hangers attached to one another. Hang it on your bedroom door or wardrobe door, and you already have a space-saving brassiere hanger.

4. PVC pipes are friends, not clutter.


Instead of throwing away your unused PVC pipes, you can repurpose them as a perfect solution to your disorganised underwear drawer.

5. The great divide


If you’re not into DIY-ing, you can use store-bought drawer dividers to neatly organise your undies.

6. Label matters.


One way to keep your undies in order is to sort and label them properly. You can organise your undies based on their type, colour, or fabric, or how frequent you use them.

7. Boxed in


You can repurpose your not-so-old shoe boxes into drawer drivers. Long shoe boxes can be used to organise your bra while smaller boxes can house the smaller pieces such as panties, briefs, and socks.

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