Wonder Walls

Show off your personality with some creative wall decor from Wall Catalog.

Updated on December 14, 2018 8:12 am

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Wonder Walls

Your home is arguably the biggest expression of your personality. This is your very own sanctuary where you are free to relax and be yourself. Other than furnishings, another way to add some colour and style to your personal space is on the walls. The extensive range of wall decor from Wall Catalog allows house-proud owners to tailor their interiors according to a specific theme and taste. The best thing about wallpaper, wall decals and wall art is that they can totally transform the look of your home with minimal effort.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose wall decor to dress up your walls the next time your interiors need a makeover.

1. Tailored to your theme

Wall decor come in a variety of styles, so there is something for everyone. At Wall Catalog, you can even create bespoke designs thanks to a nifty online visualiser tool where you choose your preferred colours and patterns or even design your ideal wall decor from scratch.

2. Quick way to update your space

Unlike paint, wall decor need little prep work for installation. They also require less drying time. Not only that, adding wallpaper, wall decals, or wall art can dramatically transform the look and mood of your home without having to undergo a major overhaul.

3. Great for commitment phobic homeowners

Wallpaper and wall decals are easy to replace if you ever change your mind. Most wallpaper can be peeled off with the help of professionals. As for decals, you can easily peel them off yourself. Any residue can be removed with soap and water.

4. Easy to maintain

Wall decor are surprisingly easy to maintain thanks to development in new manufacturing technologies. For instance, vinyl wallpaper can be maintained with warm water and dish soap. Plain paper wallpaper, on the other hand, can be simply cleaned with spot vacuuming or with a dry microfibre cloth.

Wall Catalog is a wall decor specialist passionate about letting you embrace your individuality with unique wall designs—be it wallpaper, wall art, or wall decals.

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