Your Dining Room Can Do Without These Items

Time to do a bit of decluttering in this area and get rid of these things permanently.

Updated on June 21, 2019 21:06 pm

Catherine Zhang

Your Dining Room Can Do Without These Items

The dining room can sometimes be filled with things that shouldn’t be placed there. If you’re clueless about the things you need to remove in your dining room, here are the things you probably should consider saying goodbye to:

1. Duplicate serving ware

Cheeseboards, serving bowls, baskets, even miniature salt and pepper shaker are glorious centrepieces but a dozen of each can take a major toll on your dining room’s space. What you can do is pare the collection down to the essentials, and remove all the duplicates. Your dining area will surely thank you for allowing it to breathe by getting rid of these unused items.

2. Special glassware

Sure, those martini glasses look glamorous. But when not used, these can turn into clutter. Specialty glassware can also take a lot of space in your dining room. You can pick a set or two and the rest can go.

3. Single-use items

Disposable items such as plastic bags, serving ware, paper plates, and even plastic utensils might sound convenient for one-time parties. But really, these single-use items can only clutter your space—not to mention harm the environment. Invest in quality items that you can use over and over again instead.

4. Outdated decor

Decorating for the holidays and special occasions seem fun, but this seasonal hobby involves a lot of decor and items that you just store in a box placed in that small corner of your dining room. Go through your decorating stash and keep the items that are neutral, versatile, and can be used whether it's Chinese New Year, Raya, or Deepavali.

5. Fancy china

Those heirloom items look good in your shelving cabinets but they take up so much space, right? Why not sell them? Maybe you can just pick a piece or two and then let the others go?

6. Unused table linens

Admit it: You can only use one table runner or table cloth at a time. And since you’ve been refreshing this item once in a while and bringing in a new one every time there is a gathering, surely, there’s a pile of linens in your dining room. It’s high time to bring out your excess table linens as well as napkins, tablecloths, and even placemats and donate them.

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