11 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Home for a Vacation

Do not leave home without doing these things so that you can enjoy a worry-free break!

Updated on February 09, 2019 18:02 pm

Stephanie Yee

Things to Do Before Leaving Your Home for a Vacation

Leaving home in the next few days? Before you embark on that adventure your whole family is excitedly looking forward to, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure that your home is safe while you're gone.

Here are the things that you should address first before heading out the door and satiate your inner wanderlust this holiday season:

1. Give everything a good wash in the kitchen.


A stack of dirty dishes left while you're on a vacation will turn into a home of pests and insects. To avoid this horrible scenario from happening, do the dishes right before you leave for vacation. If you don’t have time to clean them, just give them a good rinse so that the smelly reception won’t welcome you when you get back home.

2. Take note of perishable goods.


Just as how you ensure that everything is clean in your kitchen, be sure to clean your fridge as well. Eat up, donate, or throw away any food that will expire or perish before your trip to prevent them from being put to waste.

3. Turn off the water.

Turning off your water source is one of the wisest things you should do before leaving. It can prevent disasters of all sizes from happening. However, before you shut it off completely, consider how long you’ll be gone and how long your home can go without water. If you have only one main water system shut-off valve, it could cut the water to your sprinkler system that can prevent fires from occurring. With this in mind, consider turning off the water in your toilets, because running toilets are often the culprit of leaks that happen while you are away.

4. Put the furniture back in.


Do not leave your outdoor furniture outside while you are at the beach, soaking under the sun. Thieves will surely take advantage of your things especially the lightweight ones if you do not bring your furniture in temporarily. Plus, they can get damaged when it rains.

5. Unplug, unplug, unplug!

Disconnect all appliances that are not in use. This will not only help conserve energy, but you can also eliminate the risk of these items being damaged or cause a fire in your home. If you have to leave some appliances plugged in, make sure you have a surge protector to guard against damage caused by power spikes.

6. Take out all garbage.

Before you leave, be sure to empty all the trash bins in your home. Get rid of everything that might decompose inside your home and become a bait for insects and pests.

7. Stop your mail.

Notify your mail or newspaper services that you’ll be out for a vacation and either place a stop order on it, or arrange to have your neighbour pick them up for you. You don’t want to send a message to the perpetrators that you are out of town so be sure to notify only your closest pals.

8. Make sure that your pets are safe.


Part of preparing for your vacation is making sure that your pets are well taken care of. If you have to, check the availability in advance of your pet’s accommodation. If you have a friend that can babysit your precious ones, ask help from them.

9. Give a spare key to your most trusted friend or relative.

If you’ve set up a home security alarm, it is better if you have a trusted neighbour that can enter your home in case of emergencies. Do not stash any of your spare keys in the usual hiding places such as under doormats and flower pots.

10. Secure your home.

You might get too preoccupied with the preparation for your vacation that you might forget to check on your home security. Before leaving, scan the house for openings. Double check the window and door locks and keep items that can easily be sold. As another alternative, you can close the blinds or draw the curtains, and put valuables out of sight. Or better yet, hide them entirely while you are on vacation!

11. And, don’t forget to notify the security of your absence!

Be sure to mention to your local security team that you will be leaving for a couple of days so that they can make a point of patrolling past your home. Also, do not forget to mention that you’ve allowed certain people to enter your home during your out-of-town trip so that there won’t be any misunderstandings.

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