12 Bedroom Ideas to Steal from Cromly House Tours

Let these beautiful bedrooms inspire you to up the style of your very own sleep sanctuary.

Updated on June 21, 2017 21:06 pm

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Take a look back at some of our most inspiring house tours and pick up a design idea or two from their dreamy bedrooms.

1. Feature wall

Having a feature wall is a great way to add appeal to your boudoir. It creates impact and transforms the overall look of the area. Whether you install an attention-seeking wallpaper or paint the wall in a vibrant hue, you will love the dramatic result.

The Ironman feature wall made this bedroom in a Queenstown flat far from ordinary.

Jai and Noora's minimalist industrial master bedroom features a polka dot wall. All it took was inspiration and 100-piece stickers bought at $30.

2. Light-up headboard

Add that fairytale touch to your private space by installing a light-up headboard. The creative couple in this dreamy IKEA-filled flat in Punggol purchased a light-up headboard with buntings from Taobao.

You can also DIY your own sparkly headboard by using this video as your guide. You'll only need a curtain rod, mini lights, hanging solutions, and sheer white curtain. Easy, right?

3. Chair or stool as bedside table

No nightstand? No problem. Improvise by using a chair or stool where you can park your bedtime knick knacks such as books, mobile gadget, or jewellery.

In Khairul's vintage pad, he kept things minimal in the bedroom. He opted for an orange armless leather chair as his "bedside table."

JR and Anna repurposed an IKEA Frosta stool into a display table in the master bedroom of their DIY-filled home in Hougang.

4. Beddings that show off your personality

The bedroom is your personal enclave, so it's the perfect place to display your collections and express your interests. In this travel blogger's breezy three-storey home in Serangoon, her bed hints at her love for travel and adventures. Jaclynn's bed sheet features the world map in all its colourful glory.

5. Unique lighting fixtures

Why go for a plain ceiling lighting fixture in your bedroom when you can go for a spunky alternative?

Kenneth and June's bedroom in their spacious Scandustrial home in Punggol sports spider pendant lights from Taobao.

Patrick and Felicia also went online shopping for their home furnishings. Their guest room-cum-baby room also features spider lights from Taobao.

They're fun, quirky, and out of the ordinary!

6. Family photos

Wake up to happy memories by placing family photographs in the bedroom. In Sahala and Lena's romantic shabby chic home in Tanah Merah, framed photographs are displayed on the ledge by the bedroom window.

Salina and her daughter arranged the framed photographs on the bedroom wall of their cosy, budget-friendly flat in Yishun.

Inspired yet? Here are 19 creative and cool ways to display family photos at home.

7. A reading corner

Reading is one of the proven ways to relax and relieve you of stress. Carve out a reading corner in your bedroom, where you can retreat to every time you feel like "escaping reality."

John and Justina ensured the master bedroom in their colour-happy, family-friendly Bishan HDB flat has a reading corner for their little ones. They had gone to great lengths to decorate this cosy space, adding retro chairs, rugs, and cushions to prettify it.

8. Fresh flowers

The fresh blooms in cube vases by the bedside in Mrs. Zhou's Oriental-themed bedroom add an organic touch to this space and make it livelier and more vibrant. Here's how to arrange flowers like a pro.

9. Pops of bright colours and patterns

Our bedroom—our own beloved space—should be everything but boring. And what better way to make it exciting than by throwing in colour here and there? Matthew and Mark's shabby chic bedroom on Everton Park is shabby-chic and playful—the area rug echoes Matthew's love for geometric patterns.

10. Floor bed

Kiss your bed frames goodbye and go back to the basics with a floor bed. Cody and Rae went the minimalist route in their bright and airy bedroom in Marine Parade.

11. Cool colours for the bedroom

How to create a bedroom that promises a good night's sleep? Paint your walls in cool colours that will provide a soothing and calming effect

In Tim and Kristine's vintage industrial home in Bukit Panjang, the couple's bedroom is painted mint green—and they love how relaxing it makes them feel.

12. Natural light, lots of it

Maximise natural light in your home, since sunlight has been scientifically proven to enhance one's mood. This cartoon lover's home in Geylang has both bedrooms bathed in lots of natural light.

Any bedroom tips you got from Cromly's House Tours? Share them with us at hello@cromly.com.


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