Best of 2017: Cromly House Tours

Let’s look back at the Singaporean homes that captured our hearts and inspired us this year.

Updated on December 26, 2017 8:12 am

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Best of 2017: Cromly House Tours

This year, we’ve seen a lot of remarkably beautiful Singaporean homes. However, what makes a home stand out is not the exquisite interior design or the unique theme that it embodies, but the story behind it and how the owner "owned" it by adding a personal touch to his or her home.

1. Sherman and Adeline’s Spacious ‘Scandimuji’ Home

Simple, bright, minimalist, and clutter-free. The Muji and Scandinavian-inspired home of Sherman and Adeline resonates a calming and spacious flat—perfect for those who are starting a family who love their home cosy and airy.

2. A Young Family’s Edgy Contemporary HDB Maisonette

It’s no surprise that the IDCS Design Excellence Awards Singapore 2016's Gold awardee made it to the list! This bright and spacious home shows the perfect blend of a contemporary home with an industrial approach on metal profiles and exposed concrete. Highlighting vibrance and warmth in this home, the key to this design was to allow an ample supply of natural light to the entire interior. Plus, it gave an awesome boost to the architectural elements and furniture!

3. Cedric and Kellen's Cosy Cat Café–Inspired Home

This cat cafe-inspired HBD home in Pasir Ris is not a typical home! Purr-fect for cat lovers, nobody will disagree that this is one of the most stylish pet-friendly homes in Singapore. Of course, the place is feline-friendly as the cats can go around. It also does not disappoint when it comes to stylish decors and interiors.

4. Nat and Jinny's Scandinavian Minimalist Home

This Scandinavian-designed home is a perfect fit for a couple who believes that less is more when it comes to interiors. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, the Japanese minimalist concept of Nat Liew and Jinny Tan’s home has created a cosy environment where they can rest and enjoy each other’s company after a long day at work.

5. Boon Hee and Gerlyn’s Princess-Themed HDB Home

Castles and princesses have influenced a girl’s childhood in one way or another. For Boon Hee, he just wants to make his wife happy so he followed his wife’s preference in designing their abode. The newly renovated home now shows off a princess-y, cosy, pink-and-white-coloured, spacious, and unique home that exudes a home fit for royalty.

6. Aston and Wei Jin's Serene Scandinavian-Style Home

Both agreeing to a flat with unnecessary furnishings and clutter, Aston and Wei Jin decided to have their home adopt a Scandinavian feel that will be safe and comfortable for their growing family. This minimalist home is oozing with simplicity with a playful tickle of colours in grey, white, and brown to achieve that truly Scandinavian vibe.

7. Debbie’s Eclectic and Quirky HDB Flat in Bedok

Bold and happy! That is what this eclectic and quirky home radiates in Bedok North. Making her dream home into a reality, Debbie was really hands on during the renovation of her flat. She even drew the layout plan, perspectives, and measurements to scale using the floor plan from HDB as a template. Each room in her flat has a good visual flow of autumn colours and the walls became the canvas of her collection of artworks from different parts of the world.

8. White Wonderland Condo Home at Villa Marina

Classy and clean, this white wonderland home is a perfect example of using white on white, which emanates a versatile, romantic and classic ambiance. The entire apartment looks elegant and crisp as the white-on-white concept was rendered in different shades and textures. This home is elegantly timeless!

9. Wan Firdaus and Hafizah's Stylish Scandinavian Flat

Wan Firdaus and Hafizah only wanted to have a simple, spacious, and child-friendly home for their little girl and boy. This Scandinavian-themed flat used alternating tones of black and white as the backdrop of a fab home. The neutral colour scheme and chic pieces of furniture added that wow factor to this stylish family home.

10. Sachin and Ishita's Beautiful Traditional-Meets-Modern Home

Combining traditional and modern concepts can be a bit tricky, but this home in Bedok South Avenue has made this combination work well! Homeowners Sachin and Ishita Sharma has a stunning home with beautifully-detailed interiors accenting the traditional and contemporary style. The couple wanted to stay connected to their Indian roots, but the modern touches of their home added an extra oomph to the interior.

11. Zhenqian and Evelyn’s Bright and Spacious Condo Home

This contemporary minimalist four-bedroom home is a perfect place to relax and destress! Zhenqian and Evelyn’s bright and spacious unit is a haven for their family while they build their memories together. Reflecting their personalities and lifestyle, the concept gives off a cosy, simple, and uncluttered look while they spend most of their time at home.

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