House Tour: A Cat-Friendly Home in River Valley

This urban abode proves that a space designed to offer two adorable cats a place of their own can still be stylish, beautiful, and functional (with lots of amazing hidden storage!).

Updated on August 07, 2017 14:08 pm

Jerni Camposano

contemporary modern luxurious apartment that is cat friendly

Cat owners know too well that there is more to owning cats. Yes, they offer great social support and are indeed cute companions. They bring a special kind of joy that make your life more fun.

For a young couple who resides in a 2,400-square-feet apartment on Kim Seng Road in the River Valley area, living with their cats meant designing their home in a way that would be safe and pet-friendly for their feline friends.

modern and sleek cat and pets friendly apartment

The couple turned to architectural boutique firm TOPOS Design Studio to design a clean yet luxurious home within their budget. They also wanted a cat-proofed home, as their furry babies love to scratch away at furnishings.

"The design mood was based on a painting genre and colour palette. The goal was to create a symbiosis between the current state of the interior space and the one we are introducing to further complement the space," the designers from TOPOS Design Studio recall.

To achieve a contemporary look with soul, TOPOS Design Studio tastefully designed the space to complement the furniture pieces and home accessories the couple had purchased from Lifestorey Singapore. "The owners wanted the home to serve as a backdrop for contemporary art," adds TOPOS Design Studio.

contemporary modern style living room

The look and feel the designer aimed for is one of a clean and modern character, but with a touch of warmth. Various shades of white, grey, and brown are splashed all over this home, most especially in the panel fabrics and wallpaper. Marble in a beige tone was also used throughout the apartment.

Furniture pieces were carefully selected based on their durability against the homeowners' cats. The designer, who worked closely with the couple, ensured that all materials used in the house were in harmony with other existing elements in it.

TOPOS Design Studio also injected a few surprises in this space. Hidden sliding doors separate the kitchen and parts of the bedrooms, serving as dividers so that the couple could still have some privacy when guests are present.

The ceiling, which used to be bare, was installed with trimless recessed lighting and white directional LED lighting in black ceiling tunnels. "All these are integrated with a specially designed curtain pelmet to complement with the full-height glazed curtain wall window design layout of the space," explains TOPOS Design Studio.

Below are some of the specific details of this beautiful home that is also a paradise for pets:

bright and unique lighting modern living room

Ambient lighting with dimmer control—a functional and stylish choice—is used in this River Valley apartment.

wall panels tv console

Some unexpected elements abound, like the living room TV console, which is made up of fabric-clad wall panels of bespoke design, and has lots of storage space behind it. The flush door on the left side of the console wall hides the access to bedroom #4.

luxurious contemporary master bedroom
build in cabinet wall for smart storage solutions

In this bedroom, the TV cabinet wall also has hidden shelves and storage solutions. Would you believe there's also a mini walk-in wardrobe in it? Amazing!

Tom Dixon Beat Light pendant reading lamps accentuate the veneer headboard of the king-sized bed in the master's bedroom. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, a large, framed, beveled mirror hides tons of storage space behind three large panels.

contemporary wood and marble theme study room

The couple wanted to have a study room, so the designer maximised the limited space by using smaller chairs and an Air divider bookshelf placed on top of the marble window ledge.

luxurious marble dining table for a contemporary modern dining space

"The large beveled floor-to-ceiling dining room mirror adds depth to the space and offers deception to visitors upon entering the main door," says the designers from TOPOS Design Studio.

rectangular spacious living room interior design
spacious outdoor patio with an amazing view

One of the design highlights of the home is the large timber deck that simulates the look of an outdoor patio. Colourful decor and a comfortable daybed make this space as interesting as the view of the city from it.


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