House Tour: Alvin and Winnie's Hello Kitty-Filled Home

Don't let the chic black-and-white colour scheme fool you. This contemporary home in Hougang is beaming with so much character—pun intended!

Updated on June 12, 2017 18:06 pm

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Hello Kitty lovers, you have to see this home! You will find the world's favourite cat character at every turn in this 92-square-metre premium BTO.

"I've lost count," gushes Winnie about her Hello Kitty collection. Her love affair with Sanrio's world-famous character started in 2000 when her husband (then-boyfriend) Alvin brought her to a shop selling all Hello Kitty stuff in Chinatown. "That's when I realised there are different types of Hello Kitty. I started buying a few pieces until my collection became larger and larger."

In fact, the collection is overwhelming that it needs an entire room to house it. But one does not need to walk into Winnie's Hello Kitty playroom to figure out her penchant for this cute cat. The couple decided on a black-and-white colour palette to serve as a purr-fect backdrop for the queen of the house's colourful Hello Kitty knick knacks.

The couple also explains that the main design element of their home revolves around the clean-cut feel of a framed window—this is seen in the built-in window at the Hello Kitty room, the black kitchen and dining room cabinets, and the black framed partition in the master bedroom.

Check out Alvin and Winnie's personality-filled home:

Living Room and Hallway

"We want a space that's simple and functional, without too much clutter or build-in stuff. We noticed that ceilings in most HDB flats are rather low these days so false ceiling is a definite no," say Alvin and Winnie.

In the living room, the couple opted for loose furniture pieces that they can easily move around—sofa from IKEA, a coffee table that can be turned into a food tray, and a picture ledge from IKEA that contains framed Hello Kitty artworks. Of course, Winnie's favourite character is ever-present in the cushions and curios. Even the wall stickers on the hallway showcase her beloved cat.

Entryway and Dining Room

The huge Hello Kitty by the first few square metres of this home easily confirms this home's star character. A shoe cabinet acts as a divider between the doorway and the dining area. "We specifically had the top part laminated in brushed metal black to mirror the look of a window, except now it is a shelving unit to display our knick knacks. It also helps create a cosy corner that makes our dining area feel like a café," explain Alvin and Winnie.

The flooring for the entire house (except for the kitchen) is an Italian porcelain tile that mirrors a matte concrete surface done in a very light shade of grey.

Master Bedroom and Wardrobe

"We didn’t want a conventional built-in wardrobe as we felt that there isn’t much space for a big one and it looks too normal. Inspired by a photo I found online, we made use of a black-framed partition with glass to separate the sleeping and wardrobe areas. We then combined a pole system closet and two IKEA items to create a walk-in wardrobe. The top part of the partition is the window that allows us to see out of our 'boutique'," explains Winnie of their Dulux Fragile Pink-walled bedroom.

Alvin's Man Cave

Winnie furthers, "Alvin has been very supportive of my passion for Hello Kitty. So it's only fair he also gets a room of his own."

The man of the house uses this room to display his collection of toys and his favourite movie and TV show characters. "I love the Walking Dead characters the most because they seem almost life-like," he says.

Winnie's Hello Kitty Playroom

"This room is the highlight of our house," beams Alvin, the poster boy of an ever-supportive husband. Winnie's wonderland consists of everything Hello Kitty—plush toys, jewellery boxes, telephone, bins, decors, even the curtain!

Winnie's first Hello Kitty? "The one he gave me during my birthday. It's very unique, the Kitty is sleeping inside a Japanese cabbage. That was the first time I saw Hello Kitty with a sleeping expression."

She arranged her collection according to themes and displayed them on shelves and bookcases she got from IKEA. Winnie also bought different sizes of plastic wraps to make sure her precious pieces don't accumulate dust and dirt.

"When we travel, we only look for Hello Kitty as souvenirs of that place. Japan has the most, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan," she says.


"We really like the stark contrast between black and white. So we opted for a kitchen with a lot of white accentuated with some black. The main feature is the top cabinet where the doors are glass so I can display my Hello Kitty collection," quips Winnie.

Renovation Details
Type of property: 4-Room Premium BTO
Total space: 92 square metres
Contractor: Diapro Singapore Pte Ltd
Budget: $30,000
Time to complete works: 3 months

"What we love most about our home is the space we created that feels welcoming and comfortable. It’s our own little piece of heaven, where we can relax, recharge, and truly be ourselves."

Alvin and Winnie's tips for homeowners

  • Think hard about what you truly like and create a home that reflects your personality. Others may try to sway your decisions or advise you to go the safe route. But it is your home, so trust in your own choices.
  • Constantly edit. Home is a continuous work in progress. It is never done. Look at your home closely and change anything that doesn’t fit or feel out of place. Change will never be boring.
  • Make an effort to organise, maintain, and improve your home.

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