House Tour: Aston and Wei Jin's Serene Scandinavian-Style Home

This cosy flat in Punggol is a calming haven for a couple and their baby.

Updated on June 30, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


Aston and Wei Jin, who both work in the audit and accounting industry, agreed that their 113-square-metre flat should be devoid of unnecessary furnishings and clutter. After speaking to five different interior designers, they decided to engage The Minimalist Society to design a Scandinavian-style home that will be safe and comfortable for them and their little girl.

"Knowing that our baby was coming along, we wanted our home to be calming and simple. In order to achieve this, we decided on the colours grey, white, and brown to give our house a Scandinavian feel," say Aston and Wei Jin.

Jolin of The Minimalist Society adds, "This home is elegantly personalised to cater to the homeowners' taste in Scandinavian art. We aimed to add that little touch of understated luxury and art together with Scandinavian design into people's lives."

Check out the beauty in simplicity found in the design of this 5-room HDB flat in Punggol:

Living Room and Study

Clutter has no room in this house. "Our favourite space is the living room area, where there is space for both work and TV time. The suspended study table, ledge on the floor by the living room windows, and the TV feature wall form a seamless connection with each other. This creates a calming effect for people relaxing in the living room," the couple says.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Whipping up dishes in this white galley kitchen is a breeze. The white cabinetry keeps the kitchen clean and crisp yet very contemporary. The muted, relaxed colours of the wooden dining table and mismatched dining chairs perfectly complement the minimalist kitchen.

Aston says, "One of our favourite decorative pieces has to be the dining table lights, which are unique and add a tinge of colour to the dining area."

"This project focuses on a lot of art element. In essence, it is not just designing a home, but more of creating individual art pieces. It's about the art of home decor and Scandinavian style," explains Jolin.


The bedroom was kept clutter-free. Organisation tools in cabinet spaces were installed to neatly store items. This way, there are no obstructions when their baby plays in the room.

Keith of The Minimalist Society says, "Maximum style with minimum hassle is what contemporary Scandinavian interior design is about. The guiding principles of function and simplicity helped shape the design sensibilities of this home that is suffused with light, airiness, and serenity."


The bathroom, bathed in natural light, is fuss-free and functional—just the way Aston and Wei Jin like it.

Renovation Details
Type of property: 5 room HDB
Total space: 113 sqm
Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
Budget: $50,000
Time to complete works: 8 weeks

Aston and Wei Jin's tips for homeowners

    • Sit down with your ID to design your house according to your lifestyle and needs.
    • Small details such as how a kitchen cabinet door opens should not be overlooked.
    • Most importantly, enjoy the whole renovation process!

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