House Tour: Francis' Beautifully Accessorised Home

With the help of some clever accessorising, this businessman manages to bind different design elements to create perfect harmony in his home.

Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

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For Francis, finding the words to describe his home is hard. “I don’t know… what would you call it?” he asks when asked what style his home is. There's no name for the style because the style is essentially his own.

Francis’ home may be made from an eclectic mishmash of elements but they’ve thankfully come together in perfect harmony to create an envy-worthy look that is both warm and elegant. He chuckles before telling us about how his neighbours want to copy his home’s design whenever they come over to check out his home, which he lives in with his family of five.

The colour scheme is a modern blend of blue, black, and white. Blue, he says, helps "calm" his Fire element, and black and white are colours he personally likes.

Accessories are an important part of his home. Since moving in July this year, he's filled every corner with an interesting item. Many of these were bought from places like Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines, where he frequents for work.

However, the magic truly emerges with the help of items from Fossil Collections, a local store which offers beautifully designed gifts and home and decor items. Each piece from this store is carefully crafted and carries a different message of love, family, or hope.

Here are some of the statement-making and fortune-enhancing accessories that make Francis' living space extra special:

Man Collection - 9 Men

The number 9 is considered lucky because it has the same sound as the Chinese word for “long-lasting." The Chinese word for it is also connected with eternity, intelligence, leadership, and truth.

Decor Collection - Fu Lu Shou

For a businessman like Francis, the Fu Lu Shou, or San Xing “Three Stars,” is a must for the home. The three figures in this collection represent “Fu” the Fortune God, “Lu” the Prosperity God, and “Shou” the Longevity God. Each is given a modern approach but retains recognisable elements of the three deities like the staff and Ming-dynasty headwear. These come with holders to put candles in so that Francis can light them up to create a different kind of atmosphere for the room.

Decor Collection - Outreach Oil Burner

The five men in this piece represent different elements that guard Mother Earth, which is represented by the bowl.

Decor Collection - Lotus on Hand

Designed by local artist Wan Fei, this takes inspiration from the Chinese saying "A Lotus will not dirty itself despite growing in mud" (莲花出污泥而不染 清者自清). The saying is a reminder that, like the lotus, one, too, should live a morally just and disciplined life despite the temptations in a complicated society.

Wedding Collection - Everlasting Love

The embracing couple in this piece represents the expression of long and everlasting love.


The taller figures in this piece represent a big tree "protecting" their two children. Once lit up with candles, the piece exudes a warm feeling of happiness and bonding.

“Dancing Couple” Water Fountain

According to feng shui, water is a sign of wealth and Francis has many of these water element items placed around his house. Thankfully, this is not a gaudy feng shui piece, but a romantic one that expresses the love between a couple.

“Clipper Ship” Wall Decor and “Source of Wealth” Water Fountain

Symbolising peace in times of change and courage through transitional times, this wall art also comes with good wishes for the owner to "sail" to success. The ship and water here are made of fossil stones and aluminium while the sail is made from coconut fibre.

Another wealth-welcoming water element in the home, this piece represents both energy and wealth. The water overflows from the top of the piece and collects at the bottom and is meant to signify wealth flowing in from everywhere.

“Abstract” Wall Decor

Francis customised this piece himself by re-spraying the piece to represent four elements. According to him, “Silver represents ‘Metal’, blue represents ‘Wood’, black represents ‘Water’, brown represents ‘Earth’, and gold is meant to signify an abundance of wealth for the master.”

Francis' tips on how to accessorise your home:

1. Work with empty spaces. If you're not sure where to start accessorising, start with the empty spaces on your shelves or those near your TV console. These are the place people first look at when they enter a home.

2. You'll never go wrong with love and family. If you don't have a theme in mind when choosing your home decor, try a family- or love-themed one—these never fail.

3. Create a different mood with candles. When looking for home decor, look for those with candleholders. Candles are great for diffusing scent and offering special lighting to help create a different mood.

4. Make your accessories functional. If you're looking for ways to decorate your coffee table, an oil burner or bowl design is both a great way to accessorise and store small items such as keys.

5. Make life better with water elements. Besides being a sign of fortune, a water fountain helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Colour your home, colour your life. Choose a bright coloured art work to place on your living room wall—this helps make the space more lively.

Renovation details:
Cost for renovation: About $80,000-$90,000
Type of home: HDB maisonette
Size of property: 1,657 sq. ft.
Renovation time: 1 and a half month to complete
Contractor: Flair Interiors Creation (HDB license no: BCA/HB -12-4615C) Co.reg no: T13LL1159G. #01-11 Depot Heights Shopping Centre, 108 Depot Road, Singapore 100108. Tel: 62743312. Email:

Fossil Collections
#01-09, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6738 4541

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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