House Tour: How Charlotte Ashlene Maintains A Home With An Active Toddler

A blogger-mom's tips on childproofing a home with a "ninja terror" tirelessly running around

Updated on August 07, 2017 11:08 am

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learn how to create a home safe for toddlers

In this four-room HDB flat in Yishun, a stay-at-home mom used to blog about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. Well, she still does—except that two years ago, her blog welcomed a new twist and included a topic close to her heart: parenting.

Charlotte Ashlene of A Beauty Affair quit her full-time job when her darling son Asher was about to turn one. "I realised I was not spending that much time with him," recalls Charlotte. It was her mom who would take care and look after the little boy at that time.

That decision proved to be one of the best she's ever made in her life. Staying at home has brought out the best in Charlotte—as a wife and more importantly, as a mother. With active Asher running around the house and enjoying various activities, the worried mom had to find a way to ensure that her precious tot is safe and comfortable in their very own abode.

Charlotte and her family has been living in their Yishun apartment for more than three years. The couple both wanted the look to be simple and minimalist. The design worked well especially when they welcomed a bouncing baby boy more than a year after they settled in this home.

"We wanted a minimalist look and we managed to achieve it..." smiles Charlotte. "Until our son came along. Now it’s like an indoor playground full of toys and books."

Through the years, Charlotte has learned tips and tricks on how to maintain a home that is both safe and comfortable for Asher. She admits she still has a lot more to know. After all, parenting is a never-ending endeavour.

corner protector cushions for sharp edges at home to protect kids
leather corner protectors for table edges to prevent toddlers getting hurt from falling

Corner Protectors.

Charlotte brought sponge corner protectors and placed them on sharp edges of tables, cabinets, shelves, countertops, and other furniture items to prevent her active toddler from being hurt. They easily attach to surfaces and they can be removed easily as well if your kid has graduated from this phase.

"Design a house with kids in mind even though you do not have any or else be prepared to babyproof everything," says Charlotte. "It may be unsightly with all the sponge corners and tapes. But it beats having an injured child anytime."

thin rubber cushions to line around edges for safety of children

rubber cushions from daiso for home improvement for creating a safe home for toddlers

Rubber Cushions.

"I bought them from Daiso. I put them in areas where Asher would usually climb or stay in so he doesn't get bruises when he bumps into these surfaces," explains Charlotte.

creating a safe playroom or play corner for toddlers at home

Kiddie Workspace.

Asher's parents know the importance of designating an area where he can devote himself to hours and hours of playtime fun.

"The play area in the living room and all these child-sized furniture also bring out the inner child in me. Both my son and I have so much fun together in this area of the house. All the books are on display but there are toys kept in storage. We rotate the toys so that he doesn’t get bored with the selection on display," she says.

organized books and toys for a safe playroom for kids

Charlotte and her husband also ensure that they instil in Asher the love for reading as early as now. All his books and reading materials are organised in one corner of the room. Asher loves showing his current favourite, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, to house guests. How adorbs!

colourful wall decals to decorate rooms for kids

Wall Decals.

Charlotte would swing by baby fairs and expos to check out items she can use to decorate her kid's room. In one of them, she purchased a set of wall decals that became colourful and cheerful additions to Asher's otherwise too-plain room.

platform beds allow toddlers to access their parents safely in the midst of sleeping

Platform Bed.

The platform bed in the master's bedroom was a wise choice for the young parents. This type of bed allows their little boy to have easy access to them as it's no trouble for him to climb up onto the bed whenever he feels like snuggling with them. The platform also serves as storage areas for some of their stuff.

soft rubber mats which often comes in print of different cartoons for a safe floor area for toddlers to play in

Kiddie Rubber Mats.

Soft and safe, non-toxic mats reduce the probability of injury for kids. But more than this purpose, colourful rubber mats also brighten up the area and can even teach kids a lesson or two on numbers and letters.

installing safety gates to prevent toddlers from entering dangerous spaces such as kitchen in the house

Safety Gate.

Children rushing over to the kitchen area have a high chance of getting hurt. To prevent this from happening, Charlotte and her husband converted an old playpen Asher has outgrown into a safety gate. Talk about repurposing!

understanding how to create a safe environment for both pets and children at home

Pet Buddy.

Mocha, the family pet, is almost as old as Asher. Having Mocha around makes life merrier for the little boy. His furry friend usually joins him when he plays and sits beside him when he reads. Studies show that aside from bringing joy to the family, pets actually help kids become more nurturing and friendly.

dark colour furnitures help things to be less messy with toddlers at home

"The fewer the furnishings, the easier it is to maintain a home. Go for dark colours instead of light-coloured ones when it comes to selecting furniture. Stains are less noticeable. And trust me, when you have kids, things will get really messy," advises Charlotte.

She concludes, "Our home is not perfect like a showroom or a place out of an interior design magazine. But it’s cosy with personal touches in every corner. This is our first home as a young family and it will always hold a special place in our hearts."

Photos by CH Thyng


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