House Tour: Leong Family's Resort-Style Home

Calm, peaceful and elegant. These are the words that only begin to describe the Leong family's house, which boasts a lofty attic, a koi pond, and a view of nature no matter where you are in this sanctuary.

Updated on June 12, 2017 18:06 pm

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A few things stand out when one steps into the Leongs' house. The sound of trickling water. The use of full-length windowed doors in place of walls to reveal the surrounding greenery. A blanket of calm that permeates the entire space, undisturbed by a blaring television that commonly takes reign in a living room.

In its place stands a commissioned art piece that infuses soft wintry colours into a calm lakeside scene. One’s focus turns towards the centrepiece, a beautiful log table that maintains the integrity of the curves and differently shaded growth rings of the tree trunk it is crafted from that is a definite conversation-starter—not a distraction, for what the Leong family wants is real conversation between people, not the one-way relationship with technology that lessens it.

The lack of technological noise emphasises the co-existence of nature with and within the house. Internal and external walls were strategically hacked away by Lisa from ANSANA , who wanted to allow an unobstructed path of light and wind through the house. The living room, dining area, and dry kitchen became integrated into a seamless flow, subtly marked by furniture and interior design without the need for walls and doors, and which continues to the outdoors with the use of full-length windowed doors.

Being foldable, these doors can be opened easily for access to their koi pond, which runs parallel outside, or the patio beside the main door, which leads to a newly landscaped garden.

A complementary colour palette of neutral creams and browns echoes the tranquility of nature, with design features using rattan, wood, and pebbles contributing to a resort-like feel. These natural features are incorporated in subtly unexpected ways, such as the wall of the kitchen island, or as a table surface decorated with the impressions of leaves.

The kitchen counter can be lengthened to three metres when needed

The same colour palette follows through on the second floor, where the master bedroom, with its to-die-for view of the sky and the six-metre high ceiling with wooden exposed timbre beams, remains to be Mrs Leong’s favourite place at home. It is also the sanctuary for the family to gather for weekly stayovers, with enough floor space to accommodate extra mattresses.

The attention to authentic detailing is impressive—brass door knobs and locks reminiscent of the olden times were sourced from overseas to complement the double-leaf wooden bathroom doors scissored with bamboo cane decor. Stone sinks and a large mirror add visual boldness and simplicity that speak volumes about the owner’s elegant tastes and love for natural elements.

It is, however, the attic that will guarantee many jaw drops. This self-sufficient top level boasts the typical attic roof of lofty heights—something rarely found in Singaporean homes. Unsurprisingly enough, it was this feature that won the Leongs over to this house.

The top floor is self-sufficient space, with an eight metre-long bookshelf, television and entertainment system, a treadmill, and a working space tucked away behind a table and a bathroom.

An ingenious tweak to leave the basin outside, flanked by a full-length mirror, further added an illusion of space.

To keep Mrs Leong’s wish to be able to see nature at any point in the house, Lisa added panel windows for sky views in front, and the greenery of their neighbours' spaces in the back. Splashes of colour add a touch of vibrancy here, perfect as the children’s favourite hangout spot with friends.

The renovation process was not just about the design for the Leongs, who were impressed with Lisa’s intuitive understanding of their needs and her dedication to every step of the process. Thanks to her, they now have a sanctuary amidst nature to call home.

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Photos by Wallace Woon


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