House Tour: Mite and Carol's Eclectic Travel-Inspired Flat

"The whole idea of having so many themes in our home is because we want to feel like we are traveling around the world."

Updated on June 12, 2017 18:06 pm

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A carefree morning in Paris or London, sunset mahjong in Greece, laidback dining in Scandinavia, walking through barns in the countryside—you can experience all these and more in this vibrant HDB flat in Punggol.

Mite and Carol have always wanted to explore the world, but that dream had to take a backseat because they prioritised building their home and raising their kid, the very bubbly one-year-old Octavia.

But then again, Mite and Carol don't have to leave home to experience what it feels like to be in picture-perfect places, because they have decided to showcase some of their dream destinations in their 93-sq.-m. BTO flat.

With the help of a designer friend and the creative collaboration of the couple, their home almost transports them and their guests from one scenic stop to another. Take a closer look!

Living Room

Who says you can only have one focal point at any given space? In Mite and Carol's living room, your eyes are drawn to something stunning at every turn—the Paris wallpaper and Union Jack rug from Taobao, retro-coloured sofa from Xclusive, and a DIY skateboard table.

The multi-hued sofa is not only eye-catching, it is also very relaxing especially when you tilt the headrest and extend the seating. No wonder this is Mite's favourite area as he can relax and unwind after a long, tiring day at work.

The pipeline-themed timber TV shelving system from Peng Handcrafted houses creative personal curios of the family and lends the industrial feel to the living room. The wall behind it was painted grey to make the area warm and cosy.

Mahjong Room

Inside the hobby room, you will find the mahjong table, used mostly by Mite and his buddies. The Santorini wallpaper was a fitting choice because "we wanted to feel like we are playing mahjong by the seaside."

Kid's Room

In Octavia's little paradise, Hello Kitty—the kid's favourite character—plays the lead role. Carol painted one wall in blush pink and installed a Hello Kitty wallpaper on the other. Octavia also has a Hello Kitty bed and toy organiser, and she loves spending time on the safety mat. Carol says her baby learned about colours through this mat.

"This is my favourite room in the house because I enjoy seeing my daughter play with her toys," lovingly shares Carol.

Master Bedroom + Wardrobe

Mite and Carol also ensured their home is kid-friendly. Since Octavia often joins them in their bedroom, they opted for a raised platform bed. The other half of their personal enclave was transformed into a wardrobe. Separating the bed area and wardrobe is a glass wall.

Kitchen and Dining Room

To prove just how eclectic this home is, shuttle to and from the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is clad in contemporary and minimalist elements, while the dining room is sporting retro and Scandustrial styles.

Mite and Carol ordered the cute stickers, retro-style clock, industrial-style track lighting, and dining chairs from Taobao. The dining table from Xclusive can be extended for steamboat dinners. Meanwhile, the brick wall in the dining area was a labor of DIY love from Carol and her mom.


Even the hallway was kept exciting with the addition of a House Rules sticker on the bomb shelter door, a Paris rug by the bathroom entrance, and barn doors that give a countryside vibe.

Mite and Carol admit there really is no unifying theme across their home. "I heard stories from our friends who got bored with their homes, because it looks the same all throughout and they see the same thing every single day. We don't want that for our home, hence the different looks in every room," explains Carol.

Renovation Details
Type of property: 4-room BTO Flat
Total space: 93 sqm
Interior designer: Ron Lim (HP: 9117 0761)
Budget: $19,000 (renovation) and $14,000 (appliances and furniture)
Time to complete works: About 2 months

Mite and Carol's tip for homeowners

  1. Research, research, research. Do comparisons before purchasing any items.
  2. Personalise your home. DIY some projects if you can.
  3. Do not allow your home become boring. You'll be living in it every single day of your life so better make it exciting.

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