House Tour: Sachin and Ishita's Beautiful Traditional-Meets-Modern Home

Although they retained their Indian heritage, the homeowners also added modern touches to their duplex apartment in Bedok.

Updated on August 03, 2017 16:08 pm

Samantha Echavez

A beautiful traditional-meets-contemporary apartment in Bedok

A colonial bedframe, Tanjore paintings...and a Johnny Depp poster in one home? This apartment in Bedok South Avenue is brimming with beautiful details, merging both traditional culture and contemporary style for such a fun apartment. Homeowners Sachin and Ishita Sharma have SPIRE id to thank for such a stunner of a home.

One of the trickiest things about interior design is mixing the old with the new, the traditional with the modern. How could you actually display pieces of antique furniture, like your auntie's armoire, in a contemporary space? How do you make it work without sacrificing the aesthetics? This duplex apartment at Casafina in Bedok seems to have gotten the art down pat.

According to Sachin and Ishita, the goal was to stay connected to their Indian roots while still making sure there are modern touches to the home. The cool bar area and entertainment room both sport contemporary styles. They also love having a sense of space, hence the high ceilings.

Colourful accents liven up the home, as they have proudly displayed paintings and artifacts they have collected from all over the world. The living room, in particular, is a favourite space because of the extension of the lounge area that provides an area to welcome and entertain guests. Also in the living room are their antique Tanjore paintings.

Excited to see this beautiful home? Take a look:

Traditional and elegent living room and dining room

The view from the second level of the home: The elegantly-styled living room and dining space

Traditional-meets-modern home in Bedok South Ave

The home features a lot of wooden furnishings and lovely accents.

Traditional-meets-modern living room with Tanjore paintings

Did you see the Tanjore paintings (one of the most popular forms of classical paintings in South India) on one side of the living room? The bar area is located next to the living room.

Contemporary entertainment room sporting colourful aceents

It's refreshing to see playful touches of color in a traditional home: a Johnny Depp wall poster, quirky cushions, soccer-inspired bean bags, comic-inspired posters, and figure collections. In this home, you can find them in the entertainment room.

Traditional bedroom with colonial-style bed

The four-poster bed provides a cosy feel to this bedroom.

Sachin and Ishita obviously achieved their goal for this home. And it couldn't be more beautiful.

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