House Tour: Yuming and Michelle's Minimalist Home with Football-Themed Decors

There's some football action going on in this simple and spacious HDB flat in Pasir Ris!

Updated on June 23, 2017 20:06 pm

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This couple's home goal? A minimalist space where they can host family and friends for gatherings.

"Thankfully, our unit has a pretty big living room. We also feel it's best for us to keep things simple and not to complicate things. So we decided on the minimalist style," shares Yuming.

But lest things get too predictable, the couple decided to deck their HDB flat with decors that make them smile, knickknacks that remind them of things they love, curios that make their space a happy liveable home.

"I've loved football since I was young. I have been following Manchester United since 1994 after watching a football show by one of its players," recalls Yuming.

His love affair with the action-packed sport has rubbed off on his then-girlfriend Michelle. He says, "I kind of influenced my wife when we were dating. She started following Tottenham Hotspurs after she watched a game where they played Manchester United. She enjoyed their style of play and slowly started following them."

Today, Yuming and Michelle goes home to a 113-square-metre HDB flat that's peppered with decors that show their love for football. "We are both football fans so naturally I think displaying football mementos should be part of our home," he says.

Take a tour of this football fanatics' lovely minimalist-with-a-twist home:


Yuming and Michelle ensured that the first few square metres of their flat already beam with character. The back of the door was painted in white and red, after which Yuming printed the emblems of their favourite teams to be pasted as decals.

The white craft stone wall serves as a nice backdrop for the colourful additions to this space: framed football jerseys and a light blue life-sized shoe box. They also decorated the entrance to the kitchen with photos and reminders on wooden boards.

Living Room

The living room was kept simple and clutter-free. "We put our ideas together after getting inspirations from the internet. We decided to go with minimalist design as we both are pretty reluctant in doing house work. With less furniture, there’s less cleaning to be done," says Michelle.

A sofa from Comfort Design and dark wooden console a family friend's business are the only pieces in the living room. The couple hung more signed jerseys on the wall. Included in the frames were some of their tickets to the seven matches they watched in the UK.

Dining Room and Kitchen

These two spaces employ an industrial look. The idea of a half wall dividing the kitchen and the dining space was borne because "we didn't see enough light going into the kitchen because of the orientation of our flat."

Yuming and Michelle asked their interior designer to hack half of the kitchen wall and to install foldable glass windows on the top part. The eating area is prettified with a wooden table from Courts and mismatched, coloured metal chairs from Courts. The red and white pendant lights were from IKEA.

The scene stealer of this galley kitchen is the aluminium steel plate used as backsplash, which was the idea of the queen of the house. The wooden cabinetry were kept at a neutral colour palette for a sleek look.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was also kept simple and straightforward. The absence of a television means this area is intended for utmost R&R. The cerulean bed frame and headboard shake things up in this otherwise monotone bedroom. A photo of the couple sits on top of the headboard.

"We hacked a wall to make a wardrobe. Though it eats into the space of the middle bedroom, it turns out just nice for the middle bedroom with ample walking space," says Yuming.

Bathroom + Hallway

Yuming and Michelle added some spunk to their hallway with a lime green barn door in the bathroom and industrial-style pipe lighting.

Renovation Details
Type of property: HDB 5 Room
Total space: 113 sqm
Interior designer: Luova Project Services
Budget: $35,000
Time to complete works: 5-6 weeks

Michelle explains, "We shortlisted our ID based on our designs and budget. We need an ID who will be able to understand our designs and needs so that he/she can relate to what we wanted and put the plans into action. Though some IDs quoted relatively lower than Luova Project Services, we tied up with them because they understand our needs. This can also reduce ambiguity during the renovation."

Yuming and Michelle's tips for homeowners

  • Design and decorate your home depending on your budget and not the other way around. This way, new homeowners can keep within their budget to ensure that they will not overspend.
  • Always ensure you have a common understanding with your ID.
  • Take due considerations of practical needs, i.e. aircon maintenance. If pipings are hidden behind wardrobe, it will be a nightmare if those piping needs to be replaced.

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Photos by Samantha Echavez


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