DIY Geometric Brass Pipe Planter

Making your own Geometric Brass Pipe Planter is simpler than you may imagine, as Cromly reader Witono shares in this DIY tutorial.

Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

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Making your own Geometric Brass Pipe Planter not only allows you to customise its size and design—it also saves you a great deal of money, especially if you use recycled materials. Once you master the basics, it's hard to stop!

You will need:

1) Brass / copper tubing
2) Pipe cutter
3) Fishing line / nylon string
4) Standard stationary scissor and measuring tool
5) Pipe straightener (optional)

Witono found that purchasing brass tubes (comes in a coil) at hardware shops costs much less than purchasing the pre-cut tubes at art stores. He then used the straightener from his own car workshop to straighten the pipes. If you do not have access to one, a bench vice is a good alternative.

The next step would require some mathematical calculations―determine the shape you want and calculate the length of the tubes according to the desired size. Here's a chart of some possible shapes:


Witono used 3D software to help design and generate the triangulated geometries. Here, he tries to find a continuous stringing route without any breaking point for an icosahedron.

Once you have determined the length, you can use the pipe cutter to cut the tubes. Witono suggests using the length 120mm because a^2+b^2=c^2; with this number he could form a right-angled triangle with a nice round-up number of 170mm.

Once you have the tubes ready, all you need to do is to string them up and tie knots at the intersection points whenever necessary.

The loose ends can either be cut off or hidden inside the tube. As the incomplete framework can be flimsy, Witono also suggests using masking tape to help orientate and mark the location of the knots.

And that's basically it!

You can also experiment with various designs, such as this hexagonal design below:

These geometric brass frames can be used for other indoor plants by using recycled materials. For example, Witono turned a lightbulb into a holder that fit perfectly into his icosahedron brass planter.

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Photos by Witono


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