7 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Try any of these tips to get your picky eater to eat healthier.

Updated on August 03, 2017 17:08 pm

Luisa Wong

how to encourage children to eat vegetables

Yes, vegetables are way healthier than junk food and sweets. But many parents struggle to make their kids eat veggies.

“Most vegetables are not as innately pleasing to the human palate as many of the modern processed alternatives which have been designed to be very appealing,” says Jane Wardle, professor of Clinical Psychology at University College London.

Making your strong-willed kids eat their greens does not have to be a lost battle. So what can you do?

Here are some ideas worth trying:

healthy tomato and vegetable pasta for kids


1. Blend them in.

It may be a bit sneaky but it sure is one of the most effective ways to get your little one to eat veggies. Try blending them in with their favourite food such as pasta, bread, or even cake. Combine it with their favourite dip, too!

blend fruits and vegetables into drinks and smoothies for kids


2. Turn them into smoothies.

Kids love their smoothies, so why not make healthier ones? Vegetables such as carrots and spinach are great green smoothie options. Blend them well with fruits like apple, orange, or avocado to make your smoothie healthier and more flavourful.

turn vegetables and fruits into cute and decorative ingredients for kids meals


3. Make it fun.

Eating can be a great bonding experience with your kids especially if you’re trying to get them to eat veggies. Relate healthy food to things they love such as cartoons and fairy tales. Turn them into superheroes with super eyesight if they choose to eat their carrots or play up with names for certain veggies such as “Princess Pea,” or “Agent Broccoli”.

Playing with colours and shapes is another trick, too. Serve your veggies in colourful plates and compartments or shape them into hearts and smiley faces to associate fun with eating veggies.

involve your children when making food such as sandwiches with vegetable ingredients


4. Involve them.

While kids love everything to be served to them, they also love it when they get involved in the kitchen. Make your child help in the cooking process by letting them use the blender or juicer (with proper guidance, of course) or clean fruits and vegetables. Teach them how to set the table to excite them and make them feel in control.

Another great way is to bring them to shops and “veggie town” with you, with props such as a little woven basket. Let them pick what they like and find a way to include your kid’s selection to your meal.

5. Try the “one bite rule”.

Kids rarely love vegetables on the first time they try it. It takes time before they get used to the taste and so patience, not force, is the key. The “one bite rule” requires the child to have at least one mouthful of a certain type of food. It can be done until the child becomes familiar with the food and start accepting it.

arrange tomatoes, cherries, olives, vegetables into cute cartoon characters in food dishes for kids


6. Reward them.

Tell your kid that he/she will be rewarded for something and he/she will look forward to doing it. Reward your kids for trying veggies until they learn to accept it. Plus, it also makes eating veggies a positive food experience for them

7. Be a good example.

Don’t force your kid into eating veggies if you don’t eat them yourself. Kids get more curious when they see an adult do something and they would want to try it too. Whenever you eat with them, fill your plate with greens and show them how tasty and healthy they are.

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