Must-Download Apps for New Moms

These apps help mothers manage the wonderful life that comes with having a baby.

Updated on June 05, 2017 23:06 pm

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Being a mom instantly turns you into a multitasking nurse, scheduler, chef, teacher, and social media manager—just look at all those cute baby photos you can’t help but share despite the round-the-clock work.

For an added twist, new moms naturally become forgetful, thus the colloquial term, “mummy brain.” It happens during pregnancy and lasts until around the baby’s second birthday. It is when the mother’s hippocampus part of the brain gets a little smaller, making her more forgetful about anything but the baby.

Fortunately, there are available apps that can help today’s parents manage the crazy, wonderful life that comes with having a baby.


1. What to Expect-Pregnancy and Baby
From the moment you jumped for joy as you saw those two red lines until you pass the “terrible twos” mark, this app could save you a lot of time worrying about your child, especially if she’s your eldest. First, you need to register your little peanut’s name and your expected delivery date and, voila, you will start getting weekly updates on your baby’s growth and information—the ones that you are just about to inquire with your gynecologist or pediatrician. Even after giving birth, the app helps big time in letting you know what to expect in taking care of your child in the coming weeks and months.

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2. PicsArt
You don’t need to be proficient in Photoshop to produce works of art with your captured images; and we believe no new mom has so much time for ultimate photo editing. With PicsArt, you can turn any photo of you and your children into a pseudo-painting that you can easily share on your social media accounts. Have you chanced upon #brelfie? Using PicsArt with Tree of Life sticker pack, mothers all over the world are posting photos with their little ones with an aim of normalizing public breastfeeding.


3. Baby Tracker
This app helps you track your baby’s feeding progress—you may track the time nursing per breast and total for full nursing session—as well as sleep schedule, diaper changes, growth records, milestones, health status, even data interpretation. It’s so helpful that you can simply show the app to your pediatrician come baby’s monthly checkup.


4. Baby Soother
It is past 2 in the morning and you haven’t slept for 24 hours or so. It’s okay; it happens to every single mom. But what about the poor baby who can’t sleep a straight 30 minutes while you worry about waking the neighbors? The newborn misses your warm, cozy womb and its calming “noise.” Because who said it’s quiet there? Thankfully, there are apps like Baby Soother, which mimics the calming white noise babies have gotten used to. For older infants, the free app version also offers lullabies, nature sounds, and nursery songs. Works like magic!

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