10 Furniture Pieces That Are More Expensive Than Your Mercedes-Benz

You'll be surprised at these home items that cost more than your prized car. See how much each one costs.

Updated on June 06, 2017 9:06 am

Jerni Camposano


Dying to get yourself a Mercedes-Benz? Priced between $155,000 to a million, it's reported by Yahoo as the best selling car brand in Singapore in 2013.  But did you know that other items one might find at home could cost way more than your Mercedes? Believe it or not, the following furniture items from 1stdibs (an online shop for antique and modern furniture) are more expensive than the $142,888-Mercedes Benz A180. Check them out.


1. George II Oak Bookcases
Price: About SGD497,000

Created by designer William Kent, this oak bookcase made of carved mahogany features dimensions of 254 cm in height, 190 cm in width, and 48 cm in depth. Each moulded cornice is designed with a dentil frieze above a pair of wirework panelled doors. Quite luxurious digs for your books!


2. Longcase Clock
Price: About SGD315,000

Daniel Quare, an acclaimed English clockmaker, created this longcase clock from the period of Queen Anne of England. Manufactured in 1705, this 236-cm.-long clock is made of walnut wood. The moulded case, pull-forward hood, brass dial, silvered chapter ring, and blue-steel hands all showcase the fine works of a master clockmaker.


3. 18th Century Bologna Ferrara Sec XVIII Cabinet
Price: About SGD242,000

Veneered with walnut burl, this double side Bologna Ferrara Sec XVIII cabinet has three drawers on the front, a desk with an opening door, and an upper side with two arched doors. The 280-cm.-tall cabinet is of Rococo style.


4. Specimen Marble Topped Tables
Price: About SGD286,000

This pair of exquisite specimen marble-topped tables was manufactured in the early 19th century. Created by cabinetmaker Gillows of Lancaster and London, the tabletop was inlaid with specimens of rare ancient stones such as rosso antico, giallo antico, sienna, and portoro.


5. Gold Mounted Amazonite Box
Price: About SGD150,000

Here is a jewellery box that might even be more precious than the jewellery stored in it. Bolin, the Court jeweller to five Russian tsars and three Swedish kings, carved this small box from a single piece of amazonite. Mounted with stylised superb gold in the Art Nouveau style, the box holds rubies and diamonds in the gold trees. This amazonite box is marked with 56 zolotniks standard (14K/ 583 gold).


6. 18th Century Couple Doors
Price: About SGD186,000

Imagine if you install these perfectly preserved polychrome wooden doors in your garage, your door would be pricier than your Benz by at least SGD40,000! This 18th-century door in the style of George III features floral motifs on both sides.


7. Talavera Ceramic Lamp
Price: About SGD310,000

With its hefty price tag, this lamp deserves to be the centre of attention in a living room! Hang this Talavera ceramic lamp with a spherical body and polychrome floral design in a prime spot and allow your guests to marvel at the 18th-century piece. You can also use it with the electricity off as it has six metal arms that can hold candles.


8. Silver Flatware Service
Price: About SGD370,000

Need to impress your guests at a sit-down degustation you are hosting? Start with the cutlery. This Reed & Barton Francis I Silver Flatware Service is an amazing 856-piece sterling silver set that includes 100 serving pieces, from salt spoons to wood and silver salad servers, and 12 pieces of hollowware. All these pieces are still housed in the original fitted chest that has labels for each utensil's compartment.


9. 18th Century Baroque Mirror
Price: About SGD1.46 million

A million-dollar mirror? Yes, it exists, and antique, too, from the 18th century. Made of high-quality gold, this mirror is admired for its "baroque splendor, exquisite carving, chaired by head faun important and stressing the plant decoration, cornucopias and putti head." You'll have a lot of "reflecting" to do if you want this mirror in your house.


10. Enignum Canopy Bed
Price: About SGD242,000

Now here's a furniture piece that's made in recent years. Acclaimed design maker Joseph Walsh created the canopy bed in 2013. He said of his masterpieces: "In the Enignum series of work, I have stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them into free form compositions. I then shape through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form which is a unique collaboration of man and material. The title derives from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), for me they sum up the series: the mystery of the composition lies in the material.” We totally dig this luxury bed!


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