5 Things You Should Know This Week: 11 June 2018

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Updated on June 11, 2018 8:06 am

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5 Things You Should Know This Week: 11 June 2018

These are some of the news you should know this week:

1. Goth-meets-Hollywood glamour in IKEA’s new OMEDELBAR Collection

Ever wanted to showcase your big personality through your home's furnishings? IKEA's OMEDELBAR collection is one you should check out!

In collaboration with fashion activist and designer Bea “B.” Åkerlund, the limited edition collection celebrates individual expression and style with playful surprises and convention-breaking design pieces that scream gothic glam with a dash of the whimsy as seen in Alice in Wonderland. Straddling the lines of fashion and home décor, it features seemingly wearable products that are as beautiful as they are functional.

The collaboration with Bea also pushes the boundaries of innovation in the creation of the highly complex OMEDELBAR mesh-inspired hand wall decoration. The result? IKEA’s first ever mass-produced 3D-printed product—the perfect handy piece to showcase your accessories.

2. Hansgrohe's Selecta showerhead turns 50

A long time classic and a customer favourite, the Selecta shower head by Hansgrohe, the bathroom specialist from the Black Forest, was launched in 1968 boasting “guaranteed quality workmanship 100% made in the Black Forest." Fifty years later, it remains to be the quintessential handheld showerhead.

The overall design of the Selecta showerhead reflected the taste of the times—geared to deliver the utmost in function and technology, featuring a very technical look with angular elements. To this day, the first showerhead with an adjustable spray is still the Hansgrohe Group’s unrivalled bestseller with more than 30 million units sold.

When Selecta was launched on the market in 1968, it allowed the intensity of the spray to be adjusted independently by turning the spray head. It impressed with its innovative design, material, and functionality. For the first time, Plexiglass was combined with the handle and spray head’s chrome-plated parts. Just a year later, Selecta featured another technical innovation: a plastic container was installed between the showerhead and the water supply in which water and previously added shower gel were mixed automatically. This model of the classic Selecta showerhead rendered lathering unnecessary, making the overall shower experience even more comfortable.

In 1974, a utility model was registered for the original Selecta to protect the product from being copied. But copycats soon found ways of imitating the original and to this day, similar showerheads can be found in DIY store shelves. Until 2015, Hansgrohe continued to deliver the original Selecta showerhead made in the Black Forest to all of Europe, the USA, and even to South Africa.

3. Bosch introduces Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner

The answer to today’s need for instant solutions at-the-ready is the Bosch Unlimited: a breakthrough in the evolutionary flux of cordless vacuum cleaners. With a lightweight, compact body and dynamic shape, the Bosch Unlimited is particularly easy to use and perfect for vacuuming under the table, behind doors and cupboards, as well as in between car seats. Multiple accessories including the long, flexible nozzle can be easily attached to clean high ceilings and tops of doors and refrigerators to expunge your homes of pesky cobwebs found in the most inaccessible corners.

For places where full-sized vacuum cleaners can’t reach, detaching the Unlimited into a handheld spot cleaner is faster than ever—just slide apart and off you go, no need to snap on any other accessories into place. Slender and svelte, the Bosch Unlimited will not need to take up storage space in your closet. It belongs in your living room or kitchen as a statement piece.

The Bosch Unlimited cordless handstick vacuum cleaner will be available for initial release exclusively at Courts outlets from 1 June 2018, followed by a nationwide launch from 15 June 2018 at the Bosch Experience Centre and major electronic stores.

4. King Living launches Delta III Circle Sofa

Building on the success of the Delta III Sofa, King Living’s award-winning design team has developed the Delta III Circle Sofa, now available at its Singapore Showroom. With a distinctive shape and design, the Delta III Circle Sofa is a unique solution for a number of living spaces, while bridging the gap between form and comfort. Available with either storage or a swivel base, the Delta III Circle Sofa is an inviting addition to any home. Pairing minimalist chic with superior comfort, its rounded shape pushes the envelope of furniture design. With a gently fanned back cushion, its sloping lines create a luxurious flow from sitting upright to reclining.

"The Delta III Circle Sofa is the perfect balance between comfort and design excellence. Its organic shape makes for a plush, inviting statement piece," said King Living Head of Product David Hardwick. "The Delta Circle is the perfect addition to the already popular Delta III Sofa. Its unique shape and the option for storage or swivel base creates a new option and style for many areas around the home."

5. Singapore debut of Cosentino’s All-New Dekton® Industrial collection and three new shades

Dekton®, the innovative, ultracompact surface created by Cosentino for the world of architecture and design, introduced their all-new Industrial collection and their three newest colours in the XGloss and Natural Collections. In total, six new beautiful colours of Dekton®’s one-of-a-kind surfaces will be making their debut in Singapore.

The Dekton® Industrial Collection was developed in collaboration with renowned architect and designer Daniel Germani. Three brand new shades from the Industrial Collection will be making their debut in Singapore: Nilium, Radium, and Orix. Nilium and Radium are based on the look of aged, rusted metals with irregular, organic patterns, giving a hybrid appearance taken from weather-worn and exotic natural stone. Meanwhile, Orix represents the degradation of cement and the biological transformation of stone.




Cosentino will also be unveiling the three newest colours that will be joining the Natural and XGloss Collections: Opera, Natura, and Fossil. These colours are inspired by the beautiful veining of natural marble and stone. From the Natural collection is Opera, a beautiful creamy white marble with light grey veining, finished in a new soft touch finish from Dekton®, Velvet Texture; and Fossil, a dark veined stone texturised with fossilised imprints. Natura is a new shade from the XGloss collection, and is available in a lustrous glossy veined marble finish.

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