5 Things You Should Know This Week: 11 September 2018

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Updated on September 11, 2018 8:09 am

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5 Things You Should Know This Week: 11 September 2018

These are some of the news you should know this week:

1. IKEA Singapore to celebrate the different needs of life at home, to release 2 Catalogues for the year

IKEA will make home count in 2019 through four distinct launches that will address the challenges, tensions, needs, and dreams of everyday living in Singapore. Its new product ranges, home furnishing inspiration, and smart solutions for every area of the home all aim to encourage customers to organise their living and create feel-good homes for themselves. It has launched first of two IKEA Catalogues, made available to the public today.

Insights presented in IKEA’s 2017 Life at Home Report reveal that slightly over half of Singaporeans surveyed (54%) said that their main household arguments were over what constituted a "mess" in the home. The Singapore version of the report also revealed that 1 in 3 Singaporeans feel pressured by society to live minimally. These common tensions and valuable insights have fueled the solutions and inspirations within the 2019 Catalogue. Introducing seven homes, each explores the story behind different lives, but all highlight the needs people have while living under one roof.

“By addressing the challenges of real life, whether through locally relevant home furnishing solutions in our room settings at our stores or inspiring stories through the IKEA Catalogue, we hope to inspire our customers to make life at home better,” said Mike King, Deputy Managing Director at IKEA Southeast Asia.

Two IKEA Catalogues will be released—one at the end of August 2018, and one in February 2019. Other significant changes include fewer pages, a new size, and better paper quality.

This year, IKEA also celebrates 75 years of inspiring a better everyday life at home for the many. To mark this milestone, the GRATULERA collection is all about nostalgia, bringing back classic products from the 1950s until the early 2000s, for a limited time. 1950s to 60s classics will be available in October 2018, while 1970s to 80s, 1990s to 2000s classics will be available in December 2018. Additionally, supplementing the launch are upcoming IKEA collections that tie back to the focus on organisation in all parts of the home.

2. Folks Kitchenware for the Blind bags national win at the James Dyson Award 2018

Folks, designed by NUS graduate Kevin Chiam, is this year’s Singapore National Winner for the James Dyson Award. It is a series of kitchenware that helps the visually impaired prepare food safely with convenience, confidence, and dignity.

This invention was inspired by Kevin’s personal journey in giving back to the community via Touch Homecare Community Services. During his time as a volunteer, Kevin would deliver meals to less-privilege seniors. As he befriended some of them, he came to realise the daily difficulties of living with visual impairment. Simple tasks that many take for granted, such as preparing a meal had become an insurmountable challenge for them—one fraught with cuts and injuries. It was then where he thought about how to apply his passion in design engineering to solve the problem.

Video courtesy of Kevin c c

Folks is also in the International Top 20, which means it’s in the running for the international prize of $50,000.

3. Victoria + Albert releases the Rossendale 107 basin

Victoria + Albert Baths launched the new Rossendale 107 basin to add to its existing Rossendale collection. The Rossendale 107 is the latest addition to Victoria + Albert’s popular Rossendale collection, which includes the Rossendale 91 and Rossendale 122.

The unique sleek rim design of the Rossendale 107 allows the choice between a drop in and undermount installation, in a custom countertop or decking of choice. The shallow basin features a built-in overflow which offers peace of mind, making it perfect for home or hotel applications. The contemporary design makes it the perfect match for Victoria + Albert’s range of freestanding baths.

As with all Victoria + Albert’s basins, the Rossendale 107 is made using the brand’s exclusive material, QUARRYCAST™; a unique blend of Volcanic Limestone™ and high-performance resins with a number of beneficial properties. Warm to the touch ensuring the water retains heat for longer, it is luxuriously smooth, wipes clean, scratch-resistant, super-strong, and lightweight.

4. Bose introduces new smart speaker and soundbars

Bose begins the next chapter in its legendary home audio history with a new wireless smart speaker and two new smart soundbars—the Bose Home Speaker 500 for music, and the Bose Soundbar 700 and Soundbar 500 for music and home theatre. Each crushes the limitations of spaciousness from a single enclosure, combining size-defying performance with superior voice pickup and the power of Amazon Alexa now, other voice assistants to follow, and AirPlay 2 for simple streaming from Apple devices added in early 2019. They will all be available beginning 21 September 2018.

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Soundbar 700

"Voice-controlled speakers aren’t new, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. But we had a different vision for ours, inspired by what we could uniquely do to make the experience better," said Doug Cunningham, category manager in the Bose Consumer Electronics Division. "All of our new smart speakers double up on functionality. It takes just one Home Speaker 500 to deliver true stereo separation—there’s no need to pair two. Our Soundbar 700 and 500 are thin and discreet with jaw-dropping surround sound—whether you’re streaming Spotify, or watching a movie. They combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for unbeatable ease of use, can be mixed and matched to play in sync or separately, and with new Alexa functionality and more VPAs on the way, they’ll only get better over time."

The Home Speaker 500 will retail for $599. The Soundbar 500 and 700 will retail for $799 and $1,199, respectively. Visit authorised Bose dealers for more information on these products.

5. LG Centum System™ Refrigerator raises the bar on energy efficiency at IFA 2018

LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its new bottom-freezer refrigerator at IFA 2018. The innovative bottom-freezer refrigerator stands out from the competition with market-leading energy efficiency as well as durability and an array of convenience-enhancing features. The refrigerator is also the first in the industry to come with a 20-year warranty for its internal compressor. With Centum System technology inside, it is the natural choice for consumers looking for an advanced efficient refrigerator that will stand the test of time.

These benefits are achieved by integrating several advanced technologies to form dynamic customer-oriented solutions. The refrigerator’s powerhouse is the LG Inverter Linear Compressor which is 32 percent more energy efficient than conventional compressors. This and a range of other efficient features combine to cut the bottom-freezer refrigerator power consumption and give an energy rating of A+++-40 percent, far superior to the competition. This means that the refrigerator uses 40 percent less power than models with an A+++ energy rating and will make it easier than ever to save on electric bills.

"LG has long worked to develop a bottom-freezer refrigerator that set new standards in not just energy savings and durability but also design and the new Centum System bottom-freezer refrigerator represents the culmination of these efforts," said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. "Our premium Centum System bottom-freezer will help cement LG’s long-standing leadership in the global premium refrigerator market."

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