5 Things You Should Know This Week: 16 July 2018

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5 Things You Should Know This Week: 16 July 2018

These are some of the news you should know this week:

1. Korea's iloom opens first showroom in Singapore at Metro Centrepoint

Korea’s award-winning home furniture brand iloom is now in Singapore—it is the latest addition to Metro's home and living product category. Spanning over 7,400 square feet space on Level 5 of Metro Centrepoint store, the showcase area features iloom's top sellers and a curated range of its signature modular collections, making this the widest selection of furniture collection outside of South Korea.

iloom, a renowned home living and furniture brand with over 80 stores in Korea, is celebrated for its aesthetically well-designed modular furniture that is both functional and innovative. Produced in Korea with a meticulous production process from design to retail, iloom is often synonymous with quality and timeless furniture and also the first brand in Korea that uses eco-friendly EO wooden material.

ACO Series


CABIN Series


Some of the brand's bestsellers include the ARGIAN Motion Bed, TINKLE POP Series, CABIN Series, ACO Series, LINKI-PLUS Series, among others. iloom started in 1998 and has emerged as a leading brand in Korea specialising in home furniture, especially for kids and teens.

2. Samsung debuts the new Family Hub Refrigerator

Looking for a new fridge? Search no further! Samsung Electronics Singapore introduces the industry’s first IoT-enabled fridge: the all-new Family Hub refrigerator. Integrated with Samsung’s Bixby intelligent voice assistant and SmartThings IoT platform, the award- winning refrigerator sits at the centre of a wide ecosystem of Samsung products and services, poised to set a new standard for connected living in Singapore.

The Family Hub is a vital element of Samsung’s push for connected living in Singapore, in an environment where Singaporeans usually have hectic lifestyles. The refrigerator completes Samsung’s IoT-connected offerings in the country, elevating the readiness of its suite of smart living solutions to be plugged into consumers’ homes. The refrigerator’s integration with the SmartThings IoT platform and Samsung’s personalised Bixby voice assistant provides households with the ability to seamlessly monitor and control a wide and ever-growing range of connected devices, ultimately simplifying everyday life for the busy individual in Singapore’s fast-paced society.

The Samsung Family Hub is now available at a recommended retail price of $7,499, at all major consumer electronics stores. Samsung will be holding a launch promotion in celebration of the launch of the Samsung Family Hub in Singapore, available till 30 September 2018. Consumers purchasing the Family Hub will be able to enjoy a complimentary Ring doorbell, bringing them one step closer to creating their ideal Smart Home. The complimentary Ring doorbell is available while stocks last. For more information about the Samsung Family Hub, visit www.samsung.com/sg/familyhub.

3. LG unveils smaller-capacity TWINWash models to cater to different laundry needs

LG Electronics (LG) showcased its total laundry solution with the launch of a new line-up of TWINWash washing machines, dryers, and the LG Styler. The total laundry system provides a solution for each step of the laundry process which will help to make household chores much easier. The solutions are also Wi-Fi-enabled and can be connected to the SmartThinQ app, so users can activate the solutions and do their laundry remotely.

The 2018 LG TWINWash series consists of smaller-capacity models that can cater to the laundry needs of various Singaporean homes. The smaller-capacity models include washer-only and washer-dryer, with capacities of 8kg, 9kg, 8/5kg and 9/6kg. These main units can be paired with the 2kg mini washer, which is perfect for handling small loads, delicate or separate items such as lingerie, baby clothes, and gym wear.

In addition to the new washing machines, LG has developed dryers that protect the integrity of clothing while consuming less energy. Its new dryers (TD-H90SD and TD-H90WD) comes with an industry-leading DUAL Inverter Heat Pump, which has a 5-tick from NEA and achieved the lowest energy consumption in Singapore market. It results in fast drying time and enhanced performance thanks to two compressing cylinders that simultaneously compress the refrigerant.

The LG Styler completes the laundry care suite for special care items such as soft toys, pillows, duvets and more; it is also a great solution to refresh your clothes. The LG Styler is equipped with LG TrueSteam technology that is an easy, straightforward way to gently sanitise clothes, reduce wrinkles and eliminate unpleasant odours left behind by smoke, food, and sweat. Know more about these must-have products here.

4. TURBO launches built-in two-zone hobs suitable for small kitchens in BTO flats

TURBO Italia has launched two brand-new built-in hobs that are a boon for new BTO owners. Both under the IMMAGINARIO series, the TM29 is a ceramic hob and the TIM29 is an induction hob. Both hobs are two zone—hence are compact and can fit into small kitchens typically found in BTO flats. Clean-up is also a cinch, as just a wipe of the surface can remove any grease or crumbs, making them perfect for busy homeowners.

The TM29 comes with nine-stage power setting. It is made with premium SCHOTT Ceran glass—it boasts nifty features such as front-touch control with lateral side frame, automatic safety switch off, residual heat indicators, and a safety lock. The TIM29 is made with premium SCHOTT Ceran glass, front touch control, timer, residual heat indicator, automatic stop, and child lock. It comes with a 13Amp power supply, and hence is compatible with all households’ power points—many hobs in the market have a 15Amp power supply, which requires the homeowners to make adjustments to their power points.

The TM29 and TIM29 retail at $558 and $798, respectively. They are available at all major departmental stores in Singapore including Audio House, Courts, Best Electric, Harvey Norman, CityGas, and electrical, gas and sanitary shops amongst others.

5. Yamaha's first AV lifestyle concept showroom in Singapore

Yamaha Audio Visual has opened its first lifestyle concept store in Singapore. The Yamaha Experience Studio (YES)—the first of its kind in ASEAN—will provide a space for audiophiles to share their passion for music and experience the performance of high fidelity audio, including its highly acclaimed AVENTAGE AV Receiver series and new MusicCast system. The 58-sq.m. flagship store opened on July 6 at Plaza Singapura. It allows visitors to hear music as if the artist was in the room with them, as well as to learn how to reproduce this experience in their own environment.

The Yamaha Experience Studio combines the authenticity of listening to music with the technologies that make the experience available at the time and place that consumers want to enjoy. The philosophy of Yamaha combines the passion for performance with environmental responsibilities. As the demand for high-fidelity audio grows in Singapore, the showroom will form a key part in Yamaha’s strategy to ensure top-tier music is never more than a heartbeat away.

The products at the Yamaha Experience Studio feature patented technologies that have been developed over many years. These include the Cinema DSP, which recreates the acoustic experience of a movie theatre and popular music venues such as New York’s The Bottom Line and Roxy Theater and even European cathedrals; the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector technology which produces sound beams that reflect off the walls of a room and envelop the listener; and Advanced YST, which enables linear coupling between amplifiers and speaker drivers for a more natural and energetic bass reproduction. These innovations and high-fidelity sound experiences can be enjoyed first-hand at the new showroom.

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