5 Things You Should Know This Week: 17 November 2015

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1. Consider these colours for decorating in 2016. There’s no announcement of a Pantone Colour of the Year yet for 2016, but one expert has weighed in on the colours you should consider for decorating with next year: rose quartz, lilac grey, and serenity. Find out why here.

Rose quartz

Lilac gray



2. Get great deals on modular furniture. Decorate your space for less with showroom pieces from SHAPE the forms. Find everything you need for your bedroom and living room with USM, Riluc, or Seattable. Visit now at 17A-19A South Bridge Road 058659, or check out their website.

Photo courtesy of Shape the forms

3. New collections from Victoria + Albert. British brand Victoria + Albert held its first ever product showcase in Singapore on 12 November at Parkroyal on Pickering. Besides the beautifully crafted and award-winning freestanding baths that the brand is known for, the showcase was also the occasion for the brand to present its growing portfolio of statement bathroom accessories. To see Victoria + Albert’s complete collection, visit their website.

Photo courtesy of Victoria + Albert

4. Avail of the new induction cooker from Cornell. Cornell has just launched a brand new infrared ceramic cooker, CCC-E2000, to its line of cooking appliances. Unlike induction hobs that only work with stainless steel cookware, this ceramic cooker is compatible with all types of cookware. With its flat top and smooth surface, grease or food residue can be easily wiped away from the ceramic cooker. You can enjoy cooking a wide range of dishes such as claypot rice or stews in ceramic pots. The CCC-E2000 is available at Courts, Mustafa, and Gain City. It goes at a promotional price of $92 (U.P.: $128).

Photo courtesy of Cornell

5. Want to know what Julia Child’s kitchen looked like? Now’s your chance to get a glimpse of the American cook’s beloved French kitchen—her Provencal home is now up for grabs for the first time in the market. "She was a very organized person," Child’s prodigy, Kathie Alex, who rented the property for some time, told The New York Times. "Everything is where your hand is. Everything is so easy to get to." Alex assures that while the rest of the house has been updated, the kitchen is just at Child left it.

Source: Elle Decor

Source: The New York Times

Cover photo courtesy of The New York Times


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