5 Things You Should Know This Week: 19 November 2018

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Updated on November 19, 2018 8:11 am

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5 Things You Should Know This Week: 19 November 2018

These are some of the news you should know this week:

1. COURTS unveils its furniture collection for 2019

A new range of living, lounge, dining, and bedding pieces that has been refreshed with customisable and smart options tailored for all families and home spaces is what customers can expect from the COURTS' Furniture Collection 2019. The brand’s new collection launches over 100 new exclusive styles, bringing customisation to even more categories that include living, dining, wardrobe and bedding.

With the new range, COURTS brings customisation to every major home furnishing category with sofas, dining tables, beds and wardrobes. With made-to-order sofa models such as the versatile Genevieve ($1,899), COURTS is enabling shoppers to think up endless configurations with over 600 leather and fabric options. Select models even come in water-proof fabrics such as the Skyler ($1,349), making sofa maintenance a breeze for the busy homeowner. The Crema marble dining table (starts from $1,199) is available in up to five colour finishes and three bases. Shoppers can also customise everything about their bed, including headboards, mattresses, divan bases and bedframes with over 1,500 possible configurations to choose from and a wait time that starts from 10 days.

Ben Tan, Country CEO of COURTS Singapore, said: "Here at COURTS, we continually refine our furniture range to serve the evolving needs and styles of Singapore homeowners. We are seeing a growing demand for customisation and personalisation across all furnishing categories in the home, as well as for furniture that can scale with different generations of Singaporeans at various life stages and comprises smart features. By consistently refreshing our range and relaunching new pieces, we’re aiming to be top-of-mind for customers for one-stop home shopping with the latest contemporary styles coupled with quality materials, functional apartment-appropriate designs and sizing, customised options, complementary solutions and the ability to browse and buy both online and offline seamlessly."

For those seeking to personalise every detail of their home, COURTS is offering a limited edition offer on all bath towels at its Tampines Megastore from 12 November to 31 December 2018, where customers can embroider their newly purchased towels as part of a complimentary year-end promotion.

The new range is featured at special introductory prices in COURTS’ New 2019 Collection catalogue, which goes out to 850,000 households across the island. Deals include up to 20% off sofas and dining, with 20% off recliners and up to an additional 30% off bedding. Shoppers can also purchase complementary services with COURTS’ in-house solutions provider GURU, which include sofa and mattress cleaning starting from $69. Visit this link for more information.

2. Grab the Dyson Supersonic™ 23.75 karat gold hair dryer!

The Dyson Supersonic™ 23.75 karat gold hair dryer is now available for pre-order in Singapore on shop.dyson.com.sg at the retail price of $799. It will launch officially, and be available for purchase during Black Friday, 23 November 2018 via shop.dyson.com.sg.

James Dyson is fascinated by gold as an element—both for its scientific properties and unique colour. It is one of the most resilient materials in the world, and has been used in design, sculpture, and architecture for centuries. James is also passionate about the age-old process of gold leafing. Inspired by both the element and gilding process, James challenged his engineers to find a way to apply gold leaf to the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.

To this day, gilding has been done by hand in workshops around the world. It’s a highly skilled trade and one that has never been made into mass production. Precision is essential. But Dyson’s engineers set out to learn the craft, in order to explore methods to apply the gold in a repeatable fashion. To remain as close to the traditional method of gilding as possible, a red gesso colour has been applied beneath the gold leaf on the loop of the product. This is to celebrate how gold leaf has been applied through its history.

Grab the Dyson Supersonic™ 23.75 karat gold hair dryer for yourself or your loved one—it makes for great holiday present!

3. Goutal Paris launches its Home Collection

Goutal Paris, creator of olfactory tales, ushered in 2018 with a new chapter in its story by renewing the identity of its brand and fragrances. In November, it turns yet another leaf and branches out into design with a remarkable collection for the home. Cultivating an art of living, Goutal Paris’ Home Collection brings fragrance to a whole new dimension, with Camille Goutal creating four new exclusive scents—from the woodiest to the most floral—to complement Goutal Paris’ two iconic fragrances, Un Air d’Hadrien and Une Forêt d’Or.

Spanish designer Tomás Alonso, renowned for his colourful, poetic pieces, approached this collection as a way of enriching the olfactory experience. The subtly facetted contours of the glass candles, featuring a rich palette of colours, and the origami folds of the diffusers recall the ribbing of the brand’s iconic godron bottle. Elegant in every way, the pieces from Goutal Paris’ Home Collection can be used alone or mixed and matched to create a unique space.



Goutal Reflective Tray

4. SABON presents Christmas collection

This Christmas, SABON invites you to embark on a journey to the wonders of nature—to stop for a moment, to enjoy the aromas of flora, and to breathe in the beauty of creation. Created and designed with inspiration from a trip around nature, SABON drew inspiration from the abundance, the ingredients, and textures that nature in all its glory has to offer. A combination of wild plants and flowers with authentic elements that together create a special, rich picture, and that express nature’s royal crown.

The collection includes a range of SABON’s bestsellers and features a limited-edition design and unique fragrance. SABON is proud to launch Woody Patchouli, a new limited-edition fragrance for the holiday season. Every step on the journey reveals new treasures, with the scent opening with notes of refreshing orange mixed with cinnamon and cardamom, continuing with floral touches of rose and violet merged with sensual amber, and signing off with an exotic twist of patchouli, vanilla, and tonka beans. The collection is elegantly packaged in opulent gift boxes that mix velvet embroidery with gold decorations and are reminiscent of regal jewellery boxes.

5. RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds announced in Singapore

RHA has launched TrueConnect, its first true wireless earbuds, is engineered for industry-leading sound and call quality with 25-hour battery life and IPX5 rating. These impressive credentials ensure that the TrueConnect delivers incredible audio all day, whatever the weather.

Engineered for superior connectivity, a dynamic driver provides the TrueConnect’s immersive, detailed audio. The stem of the TrueConnect has an in-built antenna which uses a powerful Bluetooth® 5 connection to provide superior audio. The stem crucially places the microphone closer to the user’s mouth, producing clear and detailed call quality.

Shaped with user experience in mind, the subtle earpieces maintain a low-profile in the ear. Easy-to-use in-built button controls on the side of the TrueConnect’s earpieces provide freedom from devices and a more immersive listening experience. The earpieces boast a five-hour battery life, with another four charges of five hours in the case. A straightforward light display makes battery level instantly apparent. The unique design can be opened with one hand, ergonomically designed to create an effortless user experience. Charging is complete in one hour and forty minutes and fast charging delivers 50% battery life in fifteen minutes. Read more about it here.

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