5 Things You Should Know This Week: 20 March 2017

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1. W. Atelier presents SieMatic. First in a series of new releases leading up to the launch of their new showroom later this year, W. Atelier is proud to present SieMatic to interior designers and kitchen enthusiasts in Singapore. SieMatic is a premium kitchen brand and recipient of numerous design awards from internationally renowned institutions, including winning gold in the German Brand Award 2016 as well as receiving the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Its consistent commitment to internationally stylish design of timeless elegance is key to setting SieMatic apart from its competitors in the kitchen industry.

SieMatic has three unique design themes: Classic, Pure, and Urban. Each style collection by SieMatic is a stage for its own contemporary life philosophy, expressed not only through furniture design and choice of colours and materials, but also in holistic room planning concepts that reflects the personality and individual lifestyle of the space’s owner. The exceptional options offered by SieMatic enables the kitchen to be customised to the owner’s personal taste and lifestyle.



Urban. Image source: Nicholas AnthonyImage source: Nicholas Anthony

2. Cosentino’s Silestone® N-Boost launched in Singapore in Iconic White and Iconic Black. Cosentino, the world's leading company in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces, is revolutionising the field of quartz surfaces with an innovative new technological development called Silestone® N-Boost. It modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, further enhancing its technical performance and aesthetic properties while making the cleaning and maintenance easier than ever before. N-Boost also achieves a greater intensity of colour and a more intense surface brightness. With the arrival of Silestone® N-Boost, Cosentino has positioned itself at the forefront of a new era for quartz surfaces. Two new colours were launched: Iconic Black and Iconic White. Iconic Black boasts a new and intense shade of black that expresses elegance and adds distinction to any indoor space. Iconic White is the purest, lightest, and brightest white currently available in the world of quartz surfaces.

3. Bang & Olufsen Multiroom Collection. Designed for music lovers, this collection is all about enjoying the beauty of music and design all day, every day. From the light tap on your speaker in the morning that starts up your favorite coffee music, to the free flow of energizing evening tunes, the Multiroom Collection infuses your entire home with stylish sound.

The Multiroom Collection features a range of six beautiful high-class wireless speakers, which ranges from the portable, cone-shaped BeoSound 1 & BeoSound 2 wireless speakers systems to the advanced BeoSound 35 wireless music system with its impressive and decorative wing span. Also included are the recently launched Beoplay M5 powerful multiroom speaker, the iconic music streaming system Beoplay A9, and the music system Beoplay A6.

4. Sony’s tips on how to be an action photographer. Tired of scrolling through blurry photos, reminders that you tried (and failed) in capturing action shots? Go out, try Sony α6500 and be an action photographer today! Here are some tips:

a. Bring the right tools. Equipped with the unparalleled 4D FOCUS™, Sony’s α6500 locks focus on a subject in a lightning 0.05 seconds, making it the camera with the fastest AF speed.

b. Pre-focus. Pre-focusing is a technique which many professional action photographers use, to lock the focus of the camera to the scene that they wish to capture, significantly reducing the lag time between capturing the image and pressing the shutter release button.

c. Timing is key. Ensure that you fully understand the ins and outs of your camera’s AF speed and shutter lag. You may want to take a couple of test shots before capturing the actual photo to get a rough gauge of timing on when to press the shutter release button.

d. Pan your camera. How to pan you ask? Well, you start by twisting from your waist until you are facing the area your subject is going to be coming from. As it slides into frame, follow the subject, all the while keeping up with the pace and twisting from your waist. Remember, don’t hit the trigger button too hard because it might cause a shake that will mess up your image.

5. Flexible LEGO tape. Design studio Nimuno created the Nimuno Loops, a LEGO tape that allows you to build anywhere, even upside down and on non-flat surfaces. It features a roll of rubber on one side and LEGO-friendly studs on the other. Check it out here.

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