5 Things You Should Know This Week: 27 November 2018

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5 Things You Should Know This Week: 27 November 2018

These are some of the news you should know this week:

1. Launch of Singapore's smartest property portal MOGUL.sg

New property search portal MOGUL.sg was recently launched, helping home seekers in Singapore find their dream home faster and easier. Dubbed "Singapore’s smartest property portal," MOGUL implements custom keywords, which are generated from the Singapore Land Authority’s OneMap geospatial data, to help users search with greater granularity.

In its database are over 5,000—and growing—custom keywords that describe the characteristics of the property that the user is searching for. Keying in “near North-South line” will show all property listings that are 0.5 km away from any MRT station along the red line. Combine a second keyword, “near supermarket”, and the system filters out homes which are more than 300m from any supermarket. Throw in more words such as “hawker centre”, “hospital”, “sports complex,” and “park” or physical features such as “high floor”, “point block” or “boat dock”, and the home seeker gets the results he or she is looking for.

MOGUL.sg is one of the pioneer start-ups housed at the Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) recently-launched GeoWorks at Alexandra Road. GeoWorks was set up by SLA as an industry centre to galvanise the geospatial industry by connecting geospatial businesses, entrepreneurs as well as users and support them with the resources and expertise to catalyse geospatial innovation and solutions. It makes use of SLA’s open-source OneMap, which provides highly localised, granular and authoritative government geospatial data and services to the public. For example, OneMap provides information on multiple building types and amenities such as hawker centres, schools, child care centres and expressway exits. Know more about it by visiting https://www.mogul.sg/. You can also follow MOGUL.sg on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Three winning designs of the W. Atelier Zanotta Sacco Bean Bag Design

W. Atelier unveiled the top 10 designs of the iconic Sacco bean bag chairs and announced the three winning designs, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the iconic Sacco bean bag chair. This design competition organised by W. Atelier and Zanotta with support from the DesignSingapore Council opened call in early September to all local talents to design and produce their own creative versions of the Sacco chair with the theme "Urban Living the Asian Way."

The three winning designs stand out from the 10 submissions because of their outstanding ability to integrate an Asian essence into their creative yet functional pieces. Jarrod Lim’s intricate use of beads is reminiscent of the beaded seat cover used by the taxi drivers in Singapore. Karyn Lim’s novel idea of zipping two or more bean bags together is innovative and functional. The masterful handwoven technique and fabric Tiffany Loy used in her Sacco is unique and "Asian-like." These winning designs showed exceptional creativity and functionality in their interpretation of the theme.

Jarrod Lim

Karyn Lim

Tiffany Loy

All 10 designs will be displayed at the W. Atelier Henderson Showroom until the end of the year. After which, the three winning designs will be transported to Milan to exhibit in the Zanotta showroom at Piazza XXV Aprile for the whole month of February 2019. The 10 designs will then reunite and be showcased at the National Design Centre from 2 July 2019 onwards.

3. Fiio unveils M9 Portable Digital Audio Player At Sitex 2018

Renowned for high-resolution digital audio players (DAP), FiiO announced the M9 portable digital audio player, its latest addition at SITEX 2018. It is a feature-packed device designed with versatility and functionality in mind, topped with a highly optimised audio circuit for excellent sound quality, and accessible through one slick full colour interface. For music lovers on-the-go, a fully charged M9 lasts for approximately 10 hours under normal usage and 45 days under the standby sleep mode.

For the first time, FiiO uses an eight-layer HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB with a thickness of only 0.08mm. More complex than those in earlier models (e.g. M7), it allows more components to be integrated into a smaller space for a smaller device overall. Combined with the fact that the M9 PCB is L-shaped, similar to modern smartphones, the result is superior sound quality. With the M9, you can get your music from wherever, whenever, whether transferred with wires or via Wi-Fi. Listen to music on your computer with DLNA without having to worry about space on the M9. Discover new music on streaming services with the built-in streaming apps. In the heart of the M9 lies the Android operating system, deeply customized by FiiO. This allows you to navigate through menus at an astonishing speed and with amazing ease due to the carefully thought out customized user interface. Also, apps for popular streaming services including NetEase Cloud Music, MOOV, Tidal and KKBOX are pre-installed to allow even more ways to listen to music.

From 22 November 2018, M9 is available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of $459 (including GST) at authorised retailers including AV One, Connect IT, Stereo Electronics, E1 Personal Audio, and Treoo.com.

4. COURTS brings carnival cheer to children with special needs

COURTS Singapore kicked off year-end festivities by bringing carnival cheer to children with special needs from charity AWWA, and hosting them at the COURTS’ Mega Carnival. At the carnival, participants and shoppers alike can enjoy playing nostalgic carnival games and indulge in food, beverages, and snacks from the COURTS Carnival Food Truck—all while playing for the chance to redeem prizes such as electronic appliances and carnival soft toys.

Group CEO of COURTS Asia, Terry O’Connor, and Country CEO of COURTS Singapore, Ben Tan, kicked off the festivities together with AWWA, and walked the children through the carnival to enjoy the games and carnival atmosphere. They enjoyed playing at the game booths, which included fun activities such as Crossbow Shooting, Duck Pond, Stand a Bottle, Basketball Hoops, as well as carnival inflatables such as the Inflatable Bungee Run for kids and adults and Inflatable Toys Town for the little ones. They also shared yummy treats from the COURTS Carnival Food Truck, including goodies such as glazed honey chicken bits, popcorn, cotton candy as well as potong ice cream.

Group CEO Terry O'Connor and Country CEO Ben Tan pose with the COURTS Carnival Bus and beneficiaries from AWWA

The COURTS Mega Carnival is now open to the public for four weekends at COURTS Megastore in Tampines until 2 December 2018. During this period, COURTS shoppers will receive one complimentary ticket (entitling them to free entry, entry to two Movies under the Stars screenings, one gameplay and one popcorn or candy floss) with every minimum spend of $50, capped at five tickets per purchase. Tickets are also purchasable from COURTS Megastore at the door in $20 (three gameplays and one popcorn/candy floss) and $50 (eight gameplays, two popcorn/candy floss and two food items) tiers. 100% of proceeds from tickets sold at the door will go directly to AWWA, supporting the special needs and underprivileged across all life stages in Singapore.

Throughout the four weekends of COURTS Mega Carnival, shoppers can expect a power-packed line-up of celebrity chef appearances, kids’ colouring activities and meet-and- greets, as well as ballot and coupon deals. The Mega Carnival is part of COURTS’ Year-End Shopping Carnival, a two-month-long bonanza of freebies and great deals, which is now on at all COURTS stores island wide as well as online. During this period, shoppers can enjoy the greatest savings on IT, electrical, and furniture products at up to 90% off, freebies with purchases such as free limited edition COURTS umbrella and 2019 calendar, unbeatable promotion- and purchase-with-purchase deals, as well as great deals on furnishing customisation. While the carnival is taking place only at COURTS Megastore in Tampines, the sale and discounts apply to all 14 COURTS stores island wide and online. Visit https://www.courts.com.sg/ShoppingCarnival for the full schedule of activities.

5. CL2 Planar is world's first planar Magnetic Bluetooth Headphone

Independent audio company RHA has released the world’s first planar magnetic wireless headphone, the CL2 Planar. The CL2 Planar is built around the most compact planar magnetic driver ever released. Developed by RHA over four years, the 10-millimetre driver consists of a planar coil and 16- micrometre diaphragm perfectly suspended above two matched magnetic fields. This advanced driver technology produces unprecedented performance. RHA has achieved the revered response and accuracy of planar magnetic technology in a ten millimetre diameter driver—allowing for fully portable, high-fidelity audio.

Compatibility with a new, modified version of RHA’s Bluetooth® SecureFlex neckband ensures that the CL2 Planar can be used wirelessly. The tactile, contoured silicone provides luxurious comfort and practicality. The flexible shape of the cable delivers reassuring stability while remaining unobtrusive. The unique, black stainless-steel finishes are produced using a magnetised vacuum with superheated plasma and powdered dye to create an unblemished, scratchproof coating.

The CL2 Planar comes with detachable 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm cables as well as a modified version of RHA’s SecureFlex 12-hour Bluetooth® neckband. The variety of cables allows users to listen via different devices, with wired or Bluetooth connections. This feature enables custom combinations with personal audio equipment. The Bluetooth® SecureFlex neckband provides 12-hour battery life and a universal remote which allows users to switch between music, calls and digital assistant functions at the touch of a button. Compatible with aptX™ and AAC streaming, the Bluetooth® neckband capable of providing high-fidelity audio wirelessly.

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