5 Things You Should Know This Week: 28 March 2016

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Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


1. Bosch launches Readyy'y 2in1. You can now clean more surfaces in your home with the Bosch Readyy’y 2in1, a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner and a detachable handheld cleaner rolled into one. It features high air flow and a long ergonomic handle that can access hard-to-reach places that are in need of a thorough clean. A swivelling pivot joint on the nozzle makes it extremely manoeuvrable. Bosch Readyy’y 2in1 also comes with a detachable handheld cleaner that can reach tight spaces in shelves or cupboards. It will be available in all leading departmental stores in mid-April, from $299 to $349 depending on the model.

The cordless Bosch Readyy’y 2in1 handstick vacuum cleaner also includes a handheld cleaner that is detachable.

2. Organoid offers you the beauty and aroma of nature encapsulated in your home. At the SingaPlural 2016, Panelogue and PO ÏE SIS ARCHITECTS took visitors to an exciting experience through scent, sight, and sound via the "A Breathe Respite" installation. The aim was to show how to introduce organic materials into living spaces. Three rooms featured Organoid, an all-natural surface material that retains the scent of its raw materials like rose petals, lavender, and coffee beans, among others. Organoid can be used in scent-enclosed spaces (your bedroom, wardrobe, or entertainment room) and induce positive effects.

Alpine hay, lavender, and cornflower blossoms can create a soothing medley of nature's raw materials right in your own space.

3. Mafi's beautiful natural floors for your home. Furniture in pastel hues and Mafi's Oak Country Brushed Extreme White Oil flooring prettify this space. You can recreate the same look and feel in your own home with Mafi's timber flooring solutions. The brand's floors comprise of three layers of solid wood that are 100 percent chemical-free. The Mafi Oak Country is a floor that is both visually beautiful and can withstand the demands of high activity. Visit their page for more info.

Mafi flooring comprises of three layers of solid wood. There are no plywood or composites full of chemicals present in any of the brand's products.

4. LG's recently-launched modular smartphone can be used as a monitoring system for the home. LG Electronics introduced the LG G5 smartphone, the first-ever modular smartphone in Singapore. The LG G5 comes with the LG Rolling Bot device that rolls like a ball while capturing images and videos with its embedded 8MP camera—a feature useful for homeowners because it can be used as a monitoring system for the home, pet care companion as well as a remote controller for compatible home appliances. With an IP camera connectable via Wi-Fi, users can remotely monitor the interiors of their homes via live streaming. Find out more about the LG G5 here.

The LG Rolling Bot is one of the LG Friends introduced during the launch.

5. Lema and Kasthall now available in W. Atelier. Two premium brands have been added to W. Atelier's roster: Italian modular furniture brand Lema and European designer rugs brand Kasthall. With 40 years of rich experience in the furniture industry in Italy, Lema’s offerings comprise chic furniture pieces for every aspect of living—there is a Lema chair, sofa, table, bed, storage unit and furnishing accessory characterised by a refined understatement devoid of clutter or pretentiousness. Kasthall uses only the finest natural hard-wearing yarn—pure wool and linen—sourced from its network of leading suppliers. Its rugs are characterised by their special shades with natural sheen, particular fabrics with specific feel, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Lema's furniture pieces are characterised by a refined understatement devoid of clutter or pretentiousness.

A showstopper in designer rugs in Europe, Kasthall’s collections boast finely hand tufted rugs in unique designs that will complement a broad range of lifestyle and decor needs.

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