5 Things You Should Know This Week: 29 February 2016

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Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

Jerni Camposano


1. Victoria + Albert's contemporary freestanding baths. Because bathrooms have become a place to relax and rejuvenate, Victoria + Albert offers white freestanding baths that feature sleek lines and modern appeal. The Ravello, Edge, and ios baths are designed to create bathing experience comparable to extravagant resorts and spas. Made from the unique QUARRYCAST® material, they are beautifully warm to the touch, and are able to maintain water temperature for longer duration due to the material’s excellent insulating properties.

The Ravello freestanding bath makes an excellent centrepiece that adds depth to the modern interior.

A geometrically shaped piece that smoothly complements modern design, the Edge is for apartments and en-suites where space is at a premium.

The ios bath is exquisitely designed based on space saving philosophy, making it a practical solution for smaller space.

2. Capture precious family moments in 4K detail with Sony's new camcorders. Sony’s newest Handycam® camcorders allow you to preserve cherished memories in vibrant 4K detail. The patriarch of this year’s camcorder family takes form in the FDR-AXP55, combining enhanced image quality and incredible sound performance. Meanwhile, the HDR-PJ675 extends to a generous wide angle of 26.8mm, meaning beautiful family moments can be captured in any situation.

The FDR-AXP55 Sony Handycam®

The HDR-PJ675 Sony Handycam®

3. New colour for Happy Plugs' popular headphones. Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs launches a new colour for its Unik Edition: Carrera Marble with details in Rose Gold. “We are thrilled to launch the Happy Plugs headphones with a new colour and new look in Singapore. It simply brings a whole new personality to users for their stylish everyday life—accessories and sound combined," says Mr Kenneth Wong, Director, Strategy & Planning of Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd. The Happy Plugs In-Ear and Earbud headphones are retailing at $49 and $39, respectively.

4. Chillax Market's Super Women Congress. In celebration of International Women's Day, Singapore's first lifestyle market Chillax Market is hosting the Super Women Congress on 8 March at 7:30pm. Get to know and hear some tips from four influential women entrepreneurs as they share their life juggling a business and their personal lives. Tickets are available at $15 and include 1 flute of champagne, light bites, and 10% off on all merchandise that night. Save your seats here.

5. Colourful front doors from a photographer's lens. Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves showcases a series of beautiful front doors in his project "Doors of the World." According to mymodernmet.com, "Gonçalves highlights just how much variation there is as one travels from one country to the next and calls attention to the small details that all together contribute to the face of each city" when he grouped together different styles of doors in the same location. See here which colour to pick for your extraordinary front door.


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Cover photo courtesy of Victoria + Albert


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