Alternative Floral Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Consider any of these alternatives to show your love to your special someone.

Updated on June 30, 2017 10:06 am

Alexis Wang


While it’s an occasion to splurge on your other half with roses, there’s no need to discard those flowers once the celebration is over. Here are some floral arrangements that can double as a spiffy house décor:


1. Spray the outside of your paper bag and scribble your message away with a paint pen. If you have a succulent, consider messages such as “Life would succ without you” or “I am rooted in your love”. Put the plant into the bag and roll down the bag for a DIY look.

Garden of Blooms, Humming, $128.40

2. Here’s a whimsical arrangement of yellow roses, cymbidium, and birds of paradise to impress the love of your life.

Charming, Orchard Florist, $69.55

3. This arrangement of lily with daisies, baby’s breath, and eustoma is perfect for the mature lady.

Whimsy Blooms, Humming, $246.10

4. This display of lilies makes for an elegant touch in your home and is not as blatant as red roses.


5. Completely forgot about getting flowers? Get some long branches, arrange them in a tall glass vase and complete the look by hanging some heart-shaped papers.

Majestic, Orchard Florist, $136.96

6. If you are having a meal with your other half, consider this majestic display of five tulips with hydrangea which doubles as a unique table centrepiece.


7. If you like to display some imperfections in your flower arrangements, consider mixing fresh blooms with dried-up flowers and branches for a wabi-sabi aesthetics. Get a flower frog that will hold even the trickiest flower arrangement you can conjure up. Three sets of dried flowers are available at Bloom Room for $58.

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