#BetterHomes2015: 75 Home Resolutions to Make for the New Year

We're committed to making our spaces better, more organised, and more efficient this 2015. How about you?

Updated on June 06, 2017 9:06 am

Samantha Echavez


1. Make it a habit to tidy your closet.

2. No one likes a dusty home. Spring clean!

3. Be budget-savvy. Recognise the items in your pantry that you can use to clean your place.

4. And when you can, make cleaning a more joyous and funny affair.

5. Don't clean your house just when you feel like it. Allot a fixed schedule for cleaning.

6. A disorganised home = stressful life. Get rid of a chaotic house once and for all.

7. Be a smarter declutterer and organiser. Brush up on organising tips and tricks.

8. When organising, pay attention to small details. For example: Even shoes need proper storage, too!

9. Organising shouldn't be a tedious, boring activity. There are creative ways to store your stuff.

Photo by Anna Ignacio

10. Learn to organise your kitchen in five minutes.

11. Rethink the way you store your items. If you have always been a "cabinet girl," maybe consider going for open shelves this year.

12. Rethink the way you shelve your books.

13. Maximise your bedroom space.

14. Declutter and make your bathroom more space-savvy.

15. What you need in 2015: more fun and relaxing long baths and showers. Devote your time sprucing up and prettifying your bathroom.

16. Organise your laundry room as well.

17. Let no room be left undesigned. Revisit your attic and style it up!

18. Let there be no dead or awkward corners. Revive dead corner space.

19. Pay attention to your balcony.

20. Prettify your entryway.

21. Dress up your powder room.

22. Let more natural light in.

Photo by Alexa Lim

23. Add sophisticated touches to your living room.

24. Embrace the "bigness" or "smallness" of your space. If you're living in a slightly cramped apartment, so what? You can always jazz it up!

25. Get clever and make your living room more spacious than it really is.

26. Learn how to use colours to solve your space problems.

27. Familiarise yourself with basic colour principles, (e.g., bold colours advance while pale colours recede), and colour schemes.

28. Make bolder decisions for your home. Go red.

29. Vivify your space and use yellow accents.

30. Inject colour into your home, whether it's blue, purple, mint green, or hot pink.

31. Be a wiser furniture shopper. Know what furniture pieces you should splurge or save on.

32. Take time to reupholster your furniture or even learn how to repaint wood laminate furniture.

33. Or simply know where to have your furniture restored.

Photo by Khairul Nizam Lamin

34. Master home hacks to care for your furniture and appliances.

35. Experiment and do something unusual. An example: Mix and match dining chairs for a more kitschy look.

36. Mind your floor...

37. ...And go rug shopping.

38. This is the year you will change your curtains. Will you go for pleats, tabs, eyelets?

39. No more blank walls! Make a wall collage, mount artworks, or install a chalkboard wall.

Photo by Anna Ignacio

40. Bring your most treasured possessions out of their boxes and proudly display them.

41. Make your home more cosy and add a window seat.

42. Grow a green thumb and add indoor plants to your garden-less home. Or create a terrarium!

43. Devote your time to building your home library.

44. Do something that will tremendously beautify your place, e.g., creating beautiful tablescapes.

45. Turn yourself into a DIY expert. Learn to paint faux moulding on an interior door, use leftover polish to jazz up a ceramic vase, and make ampersand art.

46. 2015 is the year you pursue DIY. However, you should also know what projects you should leave to the pros.

47. Always find ways to soak up inspiration. One credible source: Instagram.

48. About to renovate? Relieve yourself of the pressure and seek the help of interior designers. Choose from our list of local designers.

49. Always be on the lookout for breathtaking designs. Pin them on your own interior design mood board.

50. Switch things up and change the theme of your home. Choose: Scandinavian, maximalist, midcentury modern, industrial, retro futuristic, or country.

51. Make your home as Zen as a Japanese abode or as dynamic as a New York loft.

52. Increase your design knowhow. Start here: furniture designers you need to know and the world's most iconic chairs.

53. Redo your kitchen and make it suitable for your cooking needs.

54. Work smarter in the kitchen.

55. Master your hosting skills and learn how to create an easy brunch setup...

56. ...And stage an outdoor party.

57. Make your weeknights party-ready by carving out a bar in your own home. Stock up on home bar essentials!

58. Detox your space. Choose eco-friendly products for your home and get rid of dirt and odours the natural way.

59. Make sure your rooms always smell pleasant! Get into aromatherapy.

60. Allergy-proof your home.

61. Learn how to handle sticky situations, like dealing with ants and mozzies

62. Encourage positive vibes and good energy and practice your feng shui.

63. Acknowledge your roots, your country's legacies. Know more about cultures like Peranakan or decorate your home retro Singapore-style to celebrate SG50!

64. Hold on to heirlooms, your family's most beloved possessions, and make a home for them.

Photo by Chen How Thyng

65. Remember: the small things you do for your home go a long way.

66. Come home to a relaxed environment. Ensure comfort at all times.

67. Living alone? Think of it as an adventure and derive pleasure from solo living.

68. Living with the elderly? Make the home extra safe and comfortable for them.

69. Living with kids? Childproof effectively.

70. Personalise your home and transform it into a cheerful playground for your kids.

71. Living with your boyfriend? Learn how not to drive each other crazy.

72. Create a cosy and intimate guest bedroom and make your guests feel important.

73. Foster a loving environment and set regular family dates in your home.

74. Don't take your home or your office too seriously.

Photo by Alexa Lim

75. Make your home look happy!

Happy 2015 everyone!

Cover photo by Alexa Lim


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