7 Easy DIY Projects to Start Now

Channel your creativity in these do-it-yourself crafts at home.

Updated on October 12, 2018 8:10 am

Luisa Wong

Easy DIY Projects to Start Now

Making DIY projects at home does not only unleash your creativity. It also lets you spend your spare time in a productive way. Crafting also gives you a sense of fulfilment because in making items yourself, you get to choose which ones suit your taste and create them based on your preference.

The internet has a plethora of DIY tutorials that you can use. Whether you’d want to sell it, use it, or display it at home, we’ve gathered 7 low-cost and easy DIY projects that you can start making at home:

1. Pebble coaster


Create stylish coasters using a hot glue gun, flat beach pebbles, and felt, or wood. These pebble coasters will surely look impeccable underneath teapots and warm bowls as you serve afternoon tea to your guests. Try making these one-of-a-kind coasters by watching this tutorial.

2. Bath bombs


These fizzing bathtub balls have been more popular today than before. What’s even more interesting is that the materials in creating them are very affordable. They include baking soda, epsom salt, and food colouring that can be found at home. Clever, right? Master creating these satisfying bath bombs and you’ll never worry again what to give your friends on their special day.

3. Throw pillows

Pillows! Who wouldn’t want to customise their pillows? Let your personality shine by personalising your throw pillows. No need for costly printing materials because you can do this at home.

4. Lip balm


Make a lip balm that suits your taste and style. All you need are a base of beeswax or coconut oil, a flavour, and a tint. Homemade lip balm is also a perfect DIY gift idea this coming holiday season.

5. Laundry detergent


One of the absolute nightmares that homemakers encounter is running out of laundry detergent when it's washing time. You may want to make a cost-effective and customised laundry detergent just in case your stash runs out. With a few household ingredients, you can whip up your very own detergent.

6. Candy door hanger


And because Halloween is just around the corner, why not make your countdown more fun with this customised candy-packed door hanger?

7. Halloween origami lights


Do not keep everyone in the dark this Halloween! Repurpose a string of white Christmas lights and create origami pieces of little jack-o’-lanterns or paper ghosts to decorate your home.

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