Fancy Home Gifts for the Lovable Weirdos in Your Life

Pay tribute to these wonderful people by indulging in their brand of crazy.

Updated on August 08, 2017 15:08 pm

Samantha Echavez

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While they sometimes drive you nuts with their outrageous obsessions and larger-than-life personalities, they add a lot of oomph into your life. Start saving up for these nifty gifts highlighting their character:

The Neat Freak

This friend takes the cake for being the most obsessively tidy person you’ve ever met. She can’t last inside your room because she gets thrown off by the sore condition of your room (funnily enough, she also can’t bear to leave your space in that state, so she ends up cleaning your pad half the time). She’s criminally clean, and her love for all things shiny and spotless has made you half the neat person that you are. Make her the happiest girl by gifting her with an ultimate cleaning machine that zaps dirt like magic. We recommend something heavy duty, like the Dyson DC50 Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner. Hand her this and watch her spazz out in 3, 2, 1…

a quirky and fun outdoor camping tent


The Outdoors Addict

You can’t even remember the last time you’ve seen this person, because she is out all the time, conquering mountains, eating spiders, negotiating dangerous rapids, dancing with tribesmen from a forgotten town in a continent far away from yours. A female Bear Grylls who is educated on the fundamentals of jungle living, she is a shoo-in for Survivor or better yet, Discovery’s Get Out Alive. You clamour for her company—you like listening to her stories in the wild, and you think that her childlike fascination for all things alive and breathing is simply adorable. Surprise her with any of Field Candy's vibrant and colourful tents that will let her camp out in style.

artsy sculpture for gifts


The Zombie-Lovin' Dude

How do you even begin to describe this pal of yours? How do you even explain to people how you are friends with this geek who is just all about gore, blood, and dead bodies? He loves his zombies, all right. He loves zombies, all sizes, permutations, and cultural forms. From the swift World War Z types to the Walking Dead slow walkers, he worships them all. You bet he will swear allegiance to you forever when you give him this Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture that will look perfect on his mother’s lawn. Really creepy stuff. He’d love it.


The Bibliomaniac

This friend has a thousand books to his name, yet he wants more. When he is not socialising with you and your other friends, he is at home, merrily reading anything from political heavyweights to frou-frou favourites. His reading marathons last for 24 hours straight. He claims he wouldn’t mind staying in Kinokuniya forever...and you believe it. Assuming that he has already bought all the books known to man, what else can you give him? 'Tis a no-brainer: Bookshelves, of course. Choose one that has a quirky character.

The Martha Stewart

She crafts everyday. She makes friendship loom bands, friendship rings, friendship necklaces, friendship wristbands, friendship pendants, friendship anklets, friendship ribbons…name it, you have gotten them all from her. She can create pretty and fancy things out of paper, plastic, rubber, wood, and even metal! She calls herself “Granny,” because she’d rather crochet than go clubbing. “And I’m only 25,” she laughs. It’s hard to think of a gift for her because she always manages to outshine everyone with her fantastic packaging and DIY surprises. We suggest you buy her something surprisingly grand, like this dresser, to further inspire her creativity.

plush beds for pets


The Dog Whisperer

With his insane devotion to dogs, he can totally give Cesar Millan a run for his money. He is so the type to leave work early and run to the supermarket to buy a cake for his dog’s First Rabies Vaccine Anniversary. He has posted a Facebook page dedicated to his beloved pet, and even his own profile and cover photos show his dog in all his furry glory. You don’t even want to mention the name of his pet anymore, unless you want him to go into another spiel on how his dog tried to eat his eyeglasses and succeeded, ha ha ha. Of course, we all know what they say about people who are too kind to animals: They are the best, so he deserves, I mean, his dog deserves this plush bed.

The Hopelessly Hopeless Romantic

There’s the hopeless romantic, and there’s the hopelessly hopeless romantic who happens to be your friend. Romance runs in her blood. She can quote all relevant romcom flicks of the 21st century, and she thinks she's a real-life Bridget Jones who has all the details of her future wedding worked out, from the reception playlist to the pictures that would be shown on her wedding video. For your friend whose eyes twinkle at the mere mention of “happily ever after,” you can give her these Jonathan Adler pillows spelling out, what else, her favourite word in the world.

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