GSS Alert: 30 Living Room Furniture and Accessories on Offer

We scoured GSS deals for 30 furniture and accessories for your living room―one deal for each day of June!

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

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1. This Barang Barang Concord Wooden Top is a handy companion for entertaining and storage, especially with its portability on wheels. $89 (U.P. $159) from Homeshopping.

2. We love this 3-Door Cupboard Console for both its retro vibe and its versatility in use and storage. $420 (U.P. $565) from Forty Two.

3. This Barang Barang Bordeaux Wooden Sofa Chair also gets our thumbs up with its local '70s vibe. $299 (U.P. $449) from Homeshopping.

4. Watch the time leisurely pass by with this Zen wood-based WatchOut Clock, $161.20 (U.P. $199) from homestolife.

5. Keep your nautical dreams aglow with this Big Ship Light, $127.20 (U.P. $159) from The GoDown.

6. Practical and classic, this MIA TV Entertainment Unit is particularly suitable for families requiring larger console storage. $299 (U.P. $799) from Courts.

7. Find your balance with this Yin Yang Round Coffee Table—or do a more whimsical take by using both sides separately for two quirky teardrop-shaped tables. $599 (U.P. $699) from More Than Just A Sofa.

8. We love the Nordic touch in this Viking Chest Coffee Table, which functions both as a great centrepiece and storage solution for living room essentials. $1512 (U.P. $1890) from Departures & Arrivals.

9. Low-maintenance and self-sustaining, this EVA Solo Self-watering Herb Pot would do well for the busy and/or absentminded. $71.31 (U.P. 83.89) from BI&L Retail.

10. Add subtle luxury with a Desiderius Carpet nestling beneath your coffee table or reading spot. Available in various sizes and colours, $59 (U.P. $110), from Forty Two.

11. Fuss-free and safe, each Scented Candle in Glass will add a warm glow of tangerine sunshine to your living space. $2,90 (U.P. $3.99) from IKEA.

12. Besides its rejuvenating and refreshing effects, eucalyptus is also great for respiratory issues and hygiene. Enjoy the benefits with the Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser (120ml), $31.83 (U.P. $37.45) from The Lemongrass House.

13. Touted to be one of the quietest, the Relaxx’x ProSilence Bagless Vacuum Cleaner also scores for its automatic self-cleaning system and long-lasting filter materials. $549 (U.P. $699) from Bosch.

14. Prevent issues like dry sinuses with an Advante Cool Mist Air Humidifier humming along in your living room. Also comes with variable mist level control, $99 (U.P. $118), from Home-Fix.

15. Hello Kitty fans can add another item to their collection with this cheery Cornell Hello Kitty Table Fan, $49 (U.P. $79), from Harvey Norman.

16. It’ll be difficult not to smile at this Happy Family Painting from artededeco, price upon request (up to 50% off).

17. Keep a portable bluetooth speaker handy for music-sharing times during gatherings with the Supertooth Disco 2. $94 (U.P. $188) from Focal.

18. These sleek Stainless Steel Pedal Bins keep the necessity classy. Various sizes available at Howards Storage World: $10 for 3-Litre (U.P. $25.95), $15 for 5-Litre (U.P. 365.95), $20 for 12-Litre (U.P. $59.95), $30 for 20-Litre (U.P. $89).

19. This Double Candleholder will add a sleek Italian twist to romantic night-ins―but don’t forget the candles! $157.10 (U.P. $209.47) from BI&L Retail.

20. The golden drip on top of its concrete base of the Hexa Tube Vase provides an eclectic base for both fresh and dried flower displays. $20.21 (U.P. $25.95) from homestolife.

21. Bring African savannah accents into your home with this Buffalo Horn Wall Planter, made from fine bone china. No animals were harmed in the process. $98 (U.P. $140) from Departures & Arrivals.

22. The L-Shape Modular Sofa Bed has two separate components that can be arranged to fit your living room easily. $699 (U.P. $1998) from More Than Just A Sofa.

23. The three-dimensional Wooden Deer Head is an unexpected alternative to dressing up your living room walls―just ensure it’s mounted at a safe height. $25 (U..P. $75) from Courts.

24. Up your beanbag game with the Vesuvius Beanbag―made with a more luxurious synthetic suede material, this huge comfortable cushion is designed to be shaped into various possible shapes―perfect for face-planting into at the end of a long day. $228.65 (U.P. $269), from Softrock Living.

25. The Kava Side Table offers an alternative working space in your living room without adding much bulk. $99 (U.P. $199) from More Than Just A Sofa.

26. Save your favourite dried plants for these quirky Wooden Flower Stands, available in various shapes and sizes. Get them from $19-$29 at 15+5% off from homestolife.

27. Keep fruits within easy reach for healthier snacking in this Puka Fruit Bowl, $7 (U.P. $199) from Courts.

28. Ensure your hors d’oeuvres and cheese platters are Instagram-worthy with these warm-toned wooden Sacher Trays, $52.60 (U.P. $64.96), from homestolife.

29. These Knitter Midi Boxes make for a great conversation-starting vessel for floral centrepieces or even books. Various sizes from Howards Storage World: Mini at $5 (U.P. $19.95), Midi at $10 (U.P. $29.95), Maxi at $15 (U.P. $39.95).

30. You might not be able to pick just one from this wide range of light-hearted KLUEREN Pillows. $15 each (U.P. 59) from Courts.

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