Highlights of the Week: 2 July 2019

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Updated on July 02, 2019 9:07 am

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Highlights of the Week: 2 July 2019

These are some of the news you should know this week:

Simplify your connected home With Google Nest Hub

“Hey Google, show me how to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice."

You can do voice commands more often now as Google welcomes to Singapore Google Nest Hub, its smart speaker with a screen that gives you help at a glance. With the Google Assistant built-in, you can use your voice to get the best of Google—Search, YouTube, Google Photos, Calendar, Maps and more—right on Nest Hub’s display.

Beautifully designed with a display that fits your home, Google Nest Hub has a seven-inch screen that serves as a floating display and strikes the right balance between being small enough to fit on any surface, yet big enough to enjoy your photos from across the room.

With Google Nest Hub, you can simplify your connected home even more. Everyone in the family can see and control your devices from a single dashboard without switching between apps. Just swipe down to reveal your home view to dim your Philips Hue lights, adjust the temperature on your air conditioner, turn up the volume on the TV, broadcast music in the house with multiple Home devices, and even monitor smart cameras.

Purchase your own Nest Hub—available in Charcoal and Chalk—through M1, COURTS, Challenger, and Google Store at $189.

Funan Mall reopens its doors


Planning to add more furnishings to your home? Time to visit the newly renovated and revamped Funan Mall, which opened its doors again to the public last Friday.

The new Funan Mall is home to Taobao's first Singaporean store, which also happens to be the first concept store in Southeast Asia. Here, you can shop for specially curated furniture, household items, and appliances for your home.

You can also find great household deals at the first smart home-themed COURTS store in Funan. The store marks a milestone in the retail giant's history as the first dedicated store for IoT devices, smart home appliances, automated, and voice-controlled technology. Brands you'll need in your home, such as Google, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and Sony as well as home lifestyle brands Dyson and SMEG, are housed inside the 12,400-sq.-ft store.

Inside Funan Mall, you can also find eco-friendly and sustainable products for your home at The Green Collective, as well as Dyson’s first standalone beauty-centric store.

With different flagship stores of well-known brands, both local and international, the all-new Funan Mall offers a synergistic combination of retail, office, and serviced residences designed for savvy consumers thriving in a socially-conscious and creative environment.

Have you checked out the new Funan Mall?

Epson launches world’s smallest 3LCD laser projector

Movie enthusiasts, rejoice! You can now bring the cinema experience to the comfort of your own home with this new sleek-looking Epson EF-100 laser projectors. With a projection of up to 150 inches in size, the innovative new projectors combine large screen viewing with flexibility and ease of use, and are set to be a game-changer in home projection.

The new EF-100 projectors are compact and lightweight at 2.7kg and are designed to blend seamlessly into the home environment aesthetics to complement your lifestyle. Because it is small, you can carry and position it anywhere within your home. The projectors can also project at any angle with 360-degree flexibility. So whether you love watching movies in the living room wall or you want to try projecting onto the ceiling, the projectors have opened up many possibilities for projection.

The projector’s laser light source delivers bright and vibrant images even in daylight, with no need to turn the lights off or close the windows. It also offers 2,000 lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio of over 2,500,000:1, delivering exceptionally rich and vivid images. Though it is delicate-looking, the EF-100 laser projectors require minimal maintenance as the long-lasting maintenance-free laser light source reduces the need for frequent projector lamp changes during the lifespan of the projector.

Get your EF-100 laser projectors now for only $1,299 in retail stores (EF-100B Tailored Black) and Epson flagship store on Lazada (EF-100W Classy White).

Kohler Co. announces 2019 design thematic: Experiential Luxury

Kohler Co., the world leader in designing and manufacturing kitchen and bath products, has announced its 2019 design thematic: Experiential Luxury.

Known for their unmatched ability to marry form and function, Kohler’s 2019 theme reflects the critical examination of consumer needs as well as market trends to create innovative experiences with immersive elements. Translating this into the home space, Kohler introduces a range of experiential products that engages the senses and enables personalised expressions of design.

Complete your smart home arsenal with Kohler’s two distinct categories, “Smart Home," which delivers an immersive experience that engages the senses, and “Colour, Material and Finish," which enables personalised expressions of design.

Under the Smart Home category, you can find Kohler’s new intelligent toilet, Eir, and its most advanced showering system, DTV+. Eir runs a suite of features including night light, energy-saving settings and anti-bacterial functions. It comes complete with an ergonomically designed French Curve Seat providing maximum comfort, and an advanced water filtration system ensuring unparalleled hygiene. Meanwhile, DTV+ brings water, sound, steam, and light together for a true multi-sensory showering experience that is entirely customisable, down to the tiniest detail. Through an intuitive touch-screen interface, water can be controlled from the full, rich coverage of a rain head to the spa-like hydrotherapy of multifunction showerheads.

Meanwhile, its Colour, Material, Finish category is comprised of KENSHO sinks, PARALLEL Bathroom Faucet Collection, and the Etch faucets. Etched in natural stone, KENSHO sinks are a marriage of strength and beauty, combining Eastern motifs and Western artistic techniques. The sensuous curves of natural honed marble or limestone reveal a patchwork of Japanese sashiko kimono patterns depicting organic elements such as waves, mountains, and bamboo; while textural patterns inspired by 15th-century Italian technique known as acqueforti are etched into the surface, creating a sense of movement across the stone. While on the contrary, its PARALLEL Bathroom Faucet Collection features faucets and accessories defined by precise cuts and ultra-flat surfaces, bringing sophistication to the modern bathroom through controlled expression. And lastly, the Etch faucets feature a modern form of engraving that can be found in the, for which Kohler invented a process to inscribe geometric patterns via lasers.

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