Holiday Gift Guide: Bachelor

Your best guy pal just got his own place and needs your magic touch to spruce it up. Here are the best gifts to celebrate his new man cave with him.

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

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Your buddy’s place isn’t complete without a few of these must-haves and knickknacks:

1. Lemon Slicer, $2.10, from Pantry Pursuits

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This comes handy for adding that special garnish to his weekly wind-down drink.

2. S2340L 23-inch Monitor , $249, from Dell

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The borderless design of this ultra-slim monitor allows for a wide viewing angle that will let your pal enjoy his games, movies, and photos with more clarity.

3. Recliner chair with ottoman (HL) Black Orpheus, $449, from Courts

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End his search for the perfect "man chair" with this half-leather recliner.

4. Asahineko Tray Table L, $680, from atomi

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This will look stylish even under all his half-read books and magazines.

5. Samsung DVD player, $49, from Harvey Norman

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The Defect Disc Solution technology in this helps play even scratched or marked discs while a Rolling Actuator technology adjusts the lens to curves on discs to provide a perfect playbackgreat for your TV-loving buddy.

6. AquaTouch Electric Saver Wet & Dry, $65, from Phillips

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Make sure your friend has his grooming needs met with this easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain electric shaver.

7. Assassin’s Creed Unity (PC), $49, from FunzSquare

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This single-player action-adventure game comes with stunning visuals that try to replicate French Revolution-era France as close as possible and makes it fun for the user to roam aboutthe perfect weekend game for your bachelor friend.

We asked bachelor homeowner Khairul Nizam Lamin what he’d want and not want as a housewarming gift: “ I’d want a Nordic Appeal Laptop Stand because every man wants to be lazy and lean back on the sofa with one of these. What I wouldn't want is a Nespresso machineit doesn’t matter how well it looks or if George Clooney uses it. To me, drinking coffee capsules at home is like drinking whiskey out of a paper cup.”

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