Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100

You have an excuse to splurge a little more if it's for your family and friends.

Updated on June 26, 2017 14:06 pm

Jerni Camposano


Get your loved ones (and yourself!) the perfect present with these $100-and-under finds for the home. Browse through the list for gift suggestions for them.

1. This Plumen Drop Metallic Light, $57, Fred Lives Here, will look stylish in your pal's industrial home.

2. Your favourite couple can now simultaneously heat their pizza or bread slice with this Toyomi 2-Tier Electric Oven, $59, Takashimaya.

3. The Happycall Alumite Ceramic Pot, $59, Takashimaya, will allow for easy cooking and cleaning for the cooking superstars in the family. It's lightweight yet very durable.

4. Here's a complete non-toxic dining set for your little ones: The Baby Tableware Set, $59.90, Husk's Ware, includes bowl, plate, mug, 4-partitions plate, silicone sleeve for mug, spoon, and fork.

5. Know a friend who enjoys a soothing massage at home? Gift them with the limited-edition Chakras Massage Oil Set, $65.90, Mount Sapola.

6. Your buddy who believes that wine is poetry and magic distilled in a bottle will appreciate this Wine Rack, $69, Egg3.

7. Big Hello Kitty fans will squeal in delight if they receive the Tefal Mini Hello Kitty Kettle, $69.90, OG Department Store.

8. Make food preparation fun for the master chefs in your life with this Slice Cutting Board Set, $70.47, Naiise.

9. This Wave Small Vase, $75, Bungalow 55, will be a pretty addition to your relative's country-style or shabby chic home.

10. This compact device will provide a more comfortable living environment for the whole family. Innofresh Aroma Diffuser Humidifier, $75,70, Cromly Shop.

11. The Philips Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, $81 (U.P. $85), Courts, will make home cleaning easier for the lady of the house.

12. Romance should always be in the air no matter the time of the year. By placing a candle in the Wisteria Bronze Large Lantern, $84.95, Crate & Barrel, it's easier to set a sensual mood in the bedroom.

13. The message on the cushion is enough to melt the heart of your partner. Grab this Bloomingville Cushion, $85, Cuckoo Little Lifestyle Store, before it gets sold out.

14. A lovely addition to anybody's home, this Cuckoo Clock, $89.10, Muji, features an adorable bird reminding you of the time every hour.

15. Impress guests the moment they step on your front door with a wonderful greeting on the rug. Hello You Lovely People Door Mat, $92.95, homestolife.

16. The Meditation Cushion, $95 each, The Tatami Shop, is the perfect accessory for loved ones who seek for peace and quiet every now and then.

17. Surprise your pet lover friend with a Tom Cat Block Set, $95 (U.P. $120), Cluster-Cluster. His or her furry buddy will surely love it.

18. Let this Living With Art Singapore's Mount Fuji Print, $97.50, Cromly Shop, immortalise your loved one's memorable trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

19. Certainly there's someone in your list who has "healthy eating" in his or her 2016 resolution. Help him or her achieve that goal with the Mayer Air Fryer, $98, TANGS.

20. Another furniture that the young ones will enjoy! Liven up your living room with this LED Stool Lamp, $99, IKEA.

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