Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Presents for Different Interior Design Styles

Here are thoughtful gifts for every interior theme.

Updated on December 05, 2018 8:12 am

Stephanie Yee

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for Different Interior Design Styles

Not sure what to give as home present to a family of friend? Check the suggestions below:

1. Scandinavian

Time is a precious gift. Give your friend this solid oak wall clock that will suit his or her Scandinavian abode. Watch: Out Oak/Brass Clock By Applicata, $259, Noden

Keep tea time sacred with this double-walled clear glass mug. Thanks to its double insulation, you can hold your mug while your drink is still warm. Avrundad, $14.90 (2-pc set), IKEA

If you have extra bucks to shell out for an expensive gift, you can give your loved one this marble table for their living room. August Marble Side Table, $250, Urbanordic

2. Industrial

Make their table spread even more special with this two-tier tray. Cream Metal & Glass 2 Tier Tray, $99, Nook and Cranny

Keep the clutter at bay by giving them a new rack for their magazines and newspaper. 'News' Magazine Stand, $99, Journey East

Light bulb moments are even better with this bulb-encased light fixture that is, needless to say, innovative in every way. Freeze Ice Bulb, $69.90, Etch and Bolts

3. Minimalist

Get your friend a table must-have that is both minimalist and decorative. Acrylic Table Top Tissue Case, $10.90, Muji

For your minimalist friend’s home office, here’s a stylish pencil tray that is a great way to store his or her stuff. Pencil Tray, $65, Soul and Tables

Brighten up their room and give comfort to their feet with this stylish rug. Banana Leaf Rug, $175, Elements Concept

4. Contemporary

Your gardener pal will surely love this chic and modern pot for her green babies. Kendra Flower Pot, $170, Originals

Melt someone’s heart by gifting them with this Abstract Painting, $500, Grey and Sanders.

This quality glassware will surely be a "light" to behold by your special someone. Candleholder Glass Base Lustre Black, $130, Bungalow55

5. Vintage

Make your relative's floral centrepieces stand out with this antique-coloured piece of a vase. Selenia Vase, $275, Originals

Spice things up in your friend’s retro home with this quirky film roll holder for their tissue. Film Paper Towel Box, $35.90, Etch and Bolts

Make every moment count with this heritage oval picture frame in teal that is designed with vintage-style floral illustrations. Oval Blue Frame, $32.90, Shabby Chic

6. Eclectic

Get this wooden tray finished in matte metallic "old" gold with inset mirror base that is perfect for your friend’s eclectic-style home. Wood and Mirror Tray, $119, Taylor B. Design

Put those Christmas stockings in place with this stylish hook. Gold Snowflake Stocking Hook, $59.95, Crate and Barrel

Spruce up your couch with this lush cushions! JYSK Nidhug Cushion, $12.90/pc, COURTS

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