Home Decorating with Living Coral, Pantone's Colour of the Year

Incorporating this vibrant yet mellow colour in your interiors is easier than you think.

Updated on January 08, 2019 8:01 am

Jemma Chiu

Home Decorating with Living Coral, Pantone's Colour of the Year

We’re totally in love with Pantone’s Colour of the Year! Living Coral is a vibrant yet mellow colour with an energising look and lively hue. It is nourishing with comfort and warmth—perfect to splash your home with!

Here are ways how you can use this vibrant colour in your home:

1. Use it as your accent wall colour.


This colour is perfect for painted features and details anywhere in your home where energy levels need lifting. With Living Coral, you can go full-on colour or choose a patterned wallpaper for a more subtle look.

2. A sea-nsational space


An affordable and practical way of introducing this colour to your home is by using it in your accents and accessories. Instead of having it dominate your space, a pop of Living Coral in your home is enough to create a focal point. You might want to incorporate this colour with pink, terracotta, and different shades of green to make your home even more vibrant and inviting.

3. In with a new furniture


Living Coral can brighten up the tired and weary feeling that the post-New Year celebration brings. Introduce this year's most trending colour into your space via a piece of new furniture. May it be in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining, or in your entryway, this lovely shade will surely create the perfect vibe for fun and connection.

4. Don’t forget the kitchen!


The spicy undertone of Living Coral is perfect to get your passion for food going. Tickle your palate as well as your sight by painting your cabinets or chairs in this hue. It will definitely give your space a playful yet warm ambience.

5. Welcome your guests with joy and optimism.


Paint your door or hallway in this colour and it will definitely soak your guests in happiness and optimism the moment they step into your home.

6. Out with the neutrals in your home office


Pledge to make your workspace more unique this year by adding pops of Living Coral to it. The colour will bring energy and comfort to your home office, which can make you more efficient and productive.

7. A more relaxed bedroom


Living Coral is also a perfect shade to use in updating the look of your bedroom. Its mellow tone will help you fall asleep faster at night, ensuring a more relaxed and comfortable rest.

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