How To Show Your Country Pride Through Your Home

Celebrate our nation's 54th birthday right in your own home with these tips!

Updated on August 01, 2019 16:08 pm

Stephanie Yee

How To Show Your Country Pride Through Your Home

Celebrate the beauty of being a citizen of this strong nation by letting your home show off your country pride with these things:

1. Serve drinks with Singapore coin-inspired coasters.

Source: Love SG

Make the celebration more memorable by using these coin coasters that are actual Singapore coin replicas from 5 cents to a dollar. Definitely a conversation starter! Coins Coaster Set, $19.90, Love SG

2. Organise red-and-white-themed activities with your kids

As red and white flood the streets, you too can celebrate this festive day by holding themed activities with your kids. Bake red velvet cakes, make watermelon popsicles, DIY parade shakers, or help them create their paper Singapore flags that they can use while watching the live stream of the National Day Parade at home. These activities will instil patriotism in them.

3. Pay tribute to the qualities that define Singaporeans with a quirky cushion cover

Source: Wheniwasfour

Inject a nostalgic look and feel into your home by adorning it with the qualities that define Singaporeans. How? Display the Majulah Singapura Cushion Cover, $28, Wheniwasfour, in your sofa!

4. Decorate your home with red and white

Adorning your home with red and white definitely gets you in the mood to celebrate National Day. Besides wearing outfits in these colours, you can deck your homes with such hues. Give your space a refreshing look by decorating it with red and white accents such as cushion covers, lamp shades, vases, rugs, as well as banners. You don’t need to buy new pieces of furniture as you can repurpose your Chinese New Year decor or DIY room accessories of these colours. Be warned though that red is an intimidating colour so use it without overwhelming your space.

5. Display a beautiful Peranakan decor

Source: Onlewo

Highlight Singaporean culture by displaying Peranakan-inspired items in your home, just like this ‘Singa-flora’ Table Lamp, $285, Onlewo.

6. Host your own National Day party at home

If going out on National Day is not your thing, you can invite your friends and have your own partyat home. Whip up scrumptious Singaporean favourites or do a potluck with your friends. Feature all-time local favourites such as chili crab, satay, red and white kueh-kueh, and red and white fruits. Don’t forget to serve your best red and white wines! You can also play Singlish Card Deck, $26.80, Naiise, and pit your command of Singlish against your friends.

Happy National Day, everyone!

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