Paintings for Your Home and Other Gorgeous Artworks at the Singapore Art Fair

Looking for stunning artworks for your space? Check out Singapore Art Fair, the first in Asia to feature modern and contemporary art from the Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia (ME. NA. SA) regions.

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The easiest way to turn a blank wall into an object of wonder? Hang a stunning artwork. Whether it is a painting from your favourite artist or a woven wall hanging, it automatically adds depth and beauty to your space.

"An artful home is not only beautiful, it can [also] sustain the soul," says Karen Zukowski, author of Creating the Artful Home. "Beauty of art gives pleasure to the beholder and refines all around it. Beauty should be sought out, nourished, and instilled, everywhere, in everyday life. If the beauty of art could be interwoven in domestic life, if the artistic could become the warp and weft of the home, all who lived there would be ennobled. Creating an artful home, a daily activity, [can] make life joyful."

Now is the time to rethink your blank walls and spruce them up with a painting or a photo, and where else can you scout for choices—and design inspiration—than Singapore Art Fair which hosts 59 galleries from 22 countries and featuring over 230 artists participating from various regions? Running from November 27 until November 30 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Halls 401-403, this event is the first in Asia to feature modern and contemporary art from the Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia (ME. NA. SA.) region. It's a confluence of some of the most gripping, mind-bending, and beautiful artworks, a grand display of human emotions and talent—we'd go as far as saying you'd be crazy not to see it.

Gasp at out-of-this-world installations, marvel at lifelike paintings, enjoy the buzz and chatter of art lovers, and simply stop and stare at all this man-made beauty. There will also be video art performance, street art performance, and educational talks. Step out of the event with a work of art in your hand (prices start at $1,500, most paintings average at $8,000) and a spark, a change in your heart.

"As the world evolves at an unprecedented pace, art fairs are taking on the role of a catalyst in effecting change. Art fairs bridge two societal realities together – those of the affluent and those who are facing extremities in life–in the hope that with greater awareness, we can all become change-makers. It was with this vision that the Singapore Art Fair was born and we look forward to its success, hopefully for years to come," said Mr Jason Ng, the fair's executive director.

Here are few of the featured artworks. Look them up when you visit the fair!

A Study of Lee Kuan Yew by Abilama Laudi. Gallery: Abilama Laudi

Amnesia by Takahiro Hirabayashi. Gallery: LSD

The Little Prince by Artheline. Gallery: Art Porters

Two Fishing Boats by Ang Ah Tee. Gallery: Cape of Good Hope, Singapore

Ada Yang Cemburu (Someone is Jealous) by Antoe Budiono. Gallery: Art Xchange Gallery

From Snow to Ashes by Nik Mohd Hazri. Gallery: Artemis Art

Robert 1 by Ahmad Zakii Anwar. Gallery: Baik Art

In Harmony by Manuella Guiragossian. Gallery: Emmagoss Art Gallery

The Hundred Years War by Liv Romualdez Vinluan. Gallery: Finale Art File

Babel Orphan by Nisky Yu. Gallery: Gallery Dumonteil

Goddesses by Bharti Prajapati. Gallery: Gallery G

Primordial Mt. Fuji by Yasuo Nomura. Gallery: hpgrp Gallery

“Street Art”, Serie Fantasme by Alain Lumbroso. Gallery: Les Plumes Galerie Elsie Braidi

Conductor by Amir Hossein Zanjani. Gallery: Salsali Private Museum

It's Inside of Me by Dadi Setiyadi. Gallery: The Art Fellas

“Landscape #28” by Takuro Noguchi. Gallery: Toki-no-Wasuremono

Singapore Art Fair
November 27-30, 2014
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Halls 401-403

Ticket prices are $20 for a daily pass and $40 for a three-day season pass. Students will enjoy a $12 concession rate for a daily pass. Check out the website for more information.

Cover photo is Toy Series by Angki Purbandono


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