Shopping Guide: Essentials For A Smart Home

Flick, tap, and speak—your home is now at your command with these smart home appliances!

Updated on June 28, 2019 22:06 pm

Jemma Chiu

Shopping Guide: Essentials For An Automated Home

Nearly everything in your home can be controlled by a smartphone device or just your voice. Airconditioners, thermostats, lights, and even doors can be remotely controlled with just a few taps and a single command. You can also save up energy and eventually, money, because these smart home appliances can help you manage your consumption.

Achieving the smart home that you dream of is now possible with a wide range of smart home appliances available in the market nowadays. Here are some of them:

Source: LG Electronics

1. For getting the house clean quicker, get this new LG HOM-BOT (model VR66900TWA), Price starts at $999, LG Electronics, that features a slide-in mop for a 2-in-1 cleaning solution for your home. The WiFi-enabled HOM-BOT sucks up dust particles with two extended side brushes and a main Anti Tangle Brush, finishing off the cleaning with a slide-in mop at the back that draws water from a detachable water tank supply system.

Source: Bosch

2. Perfect your baking and roasting methods with Serie | 8 (HBG6764S6B), $4,399, Bosch. Built with the Home Connect function, you now have all you need to create the best meals with just a tap on your smartphone. You can monitor temperatures and timings to flawlessly roast meats with PerfectRoast, or create stunning cakes with PerfectBake through the app. Plus, you also get access to content like unique recipes and useful cooking and baking tips right on your mobile device.

Source: SOMFY

3. Control your home’s blinds and curtains by installing a Sunis Indoor Wirefree RTS, Price upon request, SOMFY. By having this battery-operated sun sensor that uses the intensity of the sun, your blinds and curtains close automatically to protect your furniture and carpets from the sun’s rays. You can position it anywhere inside your home to experience an optimised room temperature.

Source: LG Electronics

4. Refresh your clothes, soft toys, pillows, duvets, and more with this sleek and slim LG Styler, Price TBA, LG Electronics. Equipped with TrueSteam technology, the Styler utilises steam, coupled with a Moving Hanger that slides side to side, to reduce wrinkles and remove odours on fabrics. This smart home equipment will be available in Singapore in September 2019.

Source: Ambi Labs

5. Easily control your airconditioning unit with Ambi Climate 2, $199, Ambi Labs. With its latest enhancement, the Google Home Integration, you can now have a simplified airconditioning control that puts voice control at the centre stage. All you need to do is to use a simple voice command to effortlessly improve and manage conditions at home, making your connected and automated dream smart home a reality.

Source: TP-Link

6. Save up on energy consumption by up to 80% without compromising brightness or quality of your lighting with Kasa KL130 Smart Light Bulb, $65, TP-Link. Using your phone through Kasa, TP-Link’s home automation app for Android and iOS, or through voice commands with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana from Microsoft, you can have full control of your home lighting and regulate the intensity of the LED light to meet your needs without requiring connection to a hub.

Source: Bose

7. Deliver great quality of sound when you install your smart home’s entertainment area with this Bose Soundbar 700, $1,199, Bose. Engineered to outperform every other product in its category, Bose Soundbar 700 matches its stunning performance with equally stunning design. It has curved clean lines, a wraparound metal grille, and a gorgeous tempered glass top. Inside, it’s packed with proprietary technology. To manage the TV or other connected equipment, the Bose Soundbar 700 also comes with an intelligent universal remote.

Source: Dyson

8. Deep clean your home with the Dyson V11, $999, Dyson, a cord-free vacuum that is powered by the new Dyson digital motor V11 and has 20% more suction power than its predecessors. It also intelligently optimises power and run time with up to 60 minutes fade-free floor cleaning and High Torque cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system that automatically adapts between carpets and hard floors.

Source: Ariston

9. Set your bathing experience to a whole new level with this first-ever WiFi-enabled water storage in Singapore with dedicated app controls. Andris2 Top, $459 (available starting Ocober 2019), Ariston, is the brand's new range of storage water heaters equipped with revolutionary smart technology, a renewed luxury design, and a patented titanium heating element. By using a remote control connected via the Aqua Ariston Net App, you can get your water heated and ready before you arrive home.

Source: Starhub

10. It’s really hard to keep up with everything that is going on at home. Good thing, you can equip your space with such powerful assistants, Google Home and Google Home Mini, Price starts from $169, Google and other local retailers Starhub, Challenger, and Courts. With just a simple "Hey, Google," you can already take control of your soundbars, speakers, and any smart appliance connected to the device.

Source: Netgear

11. Power your home with the fastest, lightspeed WiFi signal with the help of Orbi Mesh WiFi System with Orbi Voice Smart Speaker, $799, Netgear. The Orbi Voice RBK50V is the first and only mesh WiFi system with award-winning technology that pairs the Orbi WiFi router with Orbi Voice, a smart speaker like no other. So the next time you'll need to play music hands-free or control your smart home devices, your Orbi Voice with Amazon Alexa built-in will let you do just that and so much more.

Source: Kohler

12. Who says the bathroom cannot be transformed into a smart space? This home essential might be all you need to complete your dream smart home! Introducing the intelligent toilet, Eir, Price upon request, Kohler, which is the perfect embodiment of beauty and innovation. Eir runs a suite of cool features including night light, energy-saving settings, as well as anti-bacterial functions. When approached, the intelligent toilet opens automatically and sanitises in one tap. It comes complete with an ergonomically designed French Curve Seat providing maximum comfort and an advanced water filtration system ensuring unparalleled hygiene.

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