Spotlight: Design Excellence Awards 2017's Top 3 ID Firm of the Year

Celebrating the industry’s best of the best, the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS) named the top three interior design firms in the recently concluded Design Excellence Awards 2017 to recognize their consistently outstanding design work.

Updated on December 19, 2017 10:12 am

Luisa Wong

Spotlight: Design Excellence Awards 2017's Top 3 ID Firm of the Year

Ranging from avante garde and commercial to residential interior designs, top firms Metaphor Studio, One Plus Partnership, and Wee Studio were unanimously decided by the panel of judges. The three interior design firms also bagged awards in different categories during the competition.

Valley Park

Local design firm Metaphor Studio bagged two awards for their excellent design concept of residential spaces. Angela Tantry’s urban lifestyle design with contemporary interiors of Valley Park was given a silver award for Best Residential Design in Singapore for apartment ≥ 2001 square feet category. The firm also won silver in Best Residential Design in Asia Pacific for apartment ≥ 2001 square feet category for their exceptional non-metropolitan natural resort style interior of The Trillium, which was designed by Stephen Goh.

Guangzhou Jinyi Cinemas, Source

Meanwhile, Hong Kong-based interior design firm One Plus Partnership swept all the awards in the Best Public Design in Asia Pacific. The firm took home a gold award and has captivated the jury’s eyes with their grand and elegant cinema design of Guangzhou Jinyi Cinemas in China. The firm also received the silver award for their Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema where the firm adopted "rails" as the theme of the design. Their Nanjing Insun Feeling Cinema project won the bronze award in the same category as the firm was able to perfectly combine traditional and modern elements.

Lotus Kitchen, Source: Wee Studio’s Facebook page

Another awardee was Wee Studio. The firm secured a gold award in the Best Residential Design in Singapore for apartment 1001–2000 square feet for Yeo Seo Wee’s design of Wee Residence. The firm also won two Bronze awards in the Best F&B Design in Singapore for space ≤ 2000 square feet for their Lotus Kitchen project, and Best Workplace Design in Singapore for space ≤ 2000 square feet for their ZYT project.

The winning entries were selected by a five-member jury panel, which included Chris Lee, Founder and Creative Director of Asylum; Kelley Cheng, Founder and Creative Director of The Press Room; Pann Lim, Co-founder and Creative Director of Kinetic Singapore; William Lau, Founder Principal of A.Alliance Design International; and William Chan, Founder and Chief Designer of Spacedge Designs. Entries were judged according to a scoring band, projects were not compared with each other in each category but scored individually in terms of merit.

Jury member Mr. Lau commented, "The winners of Top 3 ID Firm of the Year have unique profiles, charting completely different directions. Metaphor Studio is meticulous in details and highly versatile, with diverse gymnastic capabilities to switch design themes from earthly to contemporary, chic to cultural; One Plus Partnership is a rare firm who gets away with its avant garde, surreal, and out-of-the-world ideas being implemented in real life; while Wee Studio is loaded with ideas to optimize and double up space utilization, which are important criteria in our land scarce Singapore."

IDCS has given 90 awards in 37 categories with submissions from all parts of the world including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom this year.

"Design Excellence Awards 2017 has seen exponential growth of recognition at a global level. We received entries not only from regional countries but also from the U.S and Europe such as U.K, Italy. IDCS is impressed with the quality of work received which has set tremendously high standards in Interior and Spatial Design," said Mr. Tung Ching Yew, DEA Chair of IDCS and Founder & Managing Director of SODA (Spirit Of Design Analogy). "The IDEA Project of the Year, Emerging ID Firm of the Year and Top 3 ID Firm of the Year Awards will celebrate the industry's Best of the Best Interior Designers in this year's awards programme. I am pleased to announce that DEA 2017 has surpassed IDCS’ expectations and will be branded as an international awards programme from this year onwards."

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