This Week in Interior Design: 13 October 2014

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Camille Besinga


James Marsden Buys Midcentury-Modern, Hollywood Hills Property


His dashing, debonair looks seem straight out of the glamorous ‘50s, so why shouldn’t James Marsden's digs evoke the same? The “dreamboat” actor just dropped US$1.8 million on a 1959 “dreamboat house” in Hollywood Hills that was designed by architect Edward H. Fickett, according to With its post-and-beam bones, bungalow frame, swimming pool, fire pit, and an “unpretentious collection of midcentury-style furnishings," we can easily see why the actor fell in love with this home. More pictures here.

Designers Create “Unusual Upcycled” Products


Going green is no new trend, but these new home items have put the upcycling movement on a whole new level. Some examples: The Perishable vase by Royal College of Art student Marcin Rusak, who created vases made from waste flowers, and are designed to biodegrade naturally over time. Atelier Biagetti unveiled a furniture collection that is made from materials salvaged from Milan’s many aristocratic palazzos, like tables made from discarded tiles. Philippe Starck also contributed to the trend with the bar stools and counters he designed for Emeco that are made from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood fibre.

The One Thing You Should Use When Decorating and Renovating Your Space


No, it’s not a level, nor is it the measuring tape. While those things are important, what we mean here is what they call the “golden ratio”—the mathematical sequence of 1:1:61 that has been found to occur over and over again in nature. It’s being used in a diversity of applications, like architecture, science, musical sequences, and even interior design. Use it to figure out the scale of your furnishings, choosing a colour palette, hanging up décor, and making adjustments in your living arrangements. Find out more about how you can make use of this seemingly magical “tool” here.

Old Tunisian Village Becomes an Artsy Haven Through Murals


Artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance curated a project called “Djerbahood,” which allowed 150 street artists from all over the world to decorate homes in the Tunisian village of Erriadh in the island of Djerba with graffiti art. None of the exterior spaces were exempted from the artistic touch of the graffiti artists—walls, windows, doors, gates—transforming the old village into a major street art hotspot. Check out more images here.

Vietnamese Architects Imagine Building Concept to Replenish Green City Spaces


As with the rest of the world, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is fast becoming more and more a concrete jungle, with urbanisation encroaching on the city’s many green spaces. To counter this, Vo Trong Nghia Architects envisioned the “House for Trees” concept, which features big trees on rooftops. According to’s Sara Barnes, “the structure is thought of as a ‘pot’ or vessel for vegetation to grow. Thick soil layers will function as storm-water basins for detention and retention.” This means a lot of things, but most importantly is that it will help reduce the risk of flooding, as well as provide other benefits, like producing cleaner air.

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