This Week in Interior Design: 15 September 2014

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We’ve gathered all the latest news you’d love to know in the fields of interior design, architecture, real estate—and everything in between.

CELEBRealty: Rent Out Kirsten Dunst’s 2-BR NYC Loft



Thinking of where to stay on your next big trip (aka temporary, months-long move) to the Big Apple? How about staying at Kirsten Dunst’s city loft? The Marie Antoinette star has recently listed her two-bedroom penthouse for US$12,500 a month, inclusive of “quirky, antique-style” furniture. With huge, arched windows offering a great view of the Hudson River, a combined library and sitting room, master suite, a roomy kitchen, plus A-list neighbors (including Casey Affleck and directory Gus Van Sant), it’s the ultimate boast-worthy experience in the city that never sleeps.

LV Matsuya Ginza Store Features Original Pattern Cladding



If you’ll ever find yourself in the Ginza area in Tokyo, do check out the Louis Vuitton store there and marvel at the façade that will have LV die-hards squealing with fangirl/fanboy glee. The impressive building is now wrapped in a pattern that is said to be inspired by Ginza’s storied history. Jun Aoki, the creative mind behind the project, describes it as “gentle bulges and dents [that] elaborate the façade of opal beige reliefs. With this pattern, the façade reveals various appearances in sunlight, and also during the night, [when] the LED lights behind the reliefs light the façade to render another expression of Louis Vuitton’s monogram.”

Research Says, Culturally Diverse Neighborhoods Raise Smarter Kids


A new study in the journal Cognition recently revealed that babies who hear a diverse range of languages outside of their home may be more willing to learn from people who don’t speak their native language. With over 80 native English-speaking babies from the Chicago and Washington DC areas included in the study, the researchers from the University of Chicago wanted to see how these 19-month-olds would learn from and imitate adults who spoke in a different language. Each set of infants were shown how to use toys through English-speaking and Spanish-speaking adults. When let loose, the babies who lived in diverse neighbourhoods mostly used the toys the way the Spanish-speaking adult instructed them. “It may keep the children open to opportunities to learn from and interact with diverse social partners,” says researcher Amanda Woodword. Take this into consideration when shopping for a home to plant your young family in!

No Need to Fly to Finland; Simply Take a Google Maps Tour of This Finnish Designer’s Architectural Projects


If you’ve ever wanted to take an architectural tour of a famous designer’s project sites, but haven’t done so due to your own personal reasons, well, Google Maps is making things so much easier for you. Google Street View has teamed up with The Alvar Aalto Foundation, the foundation that oversees the Finnish midcentury furniture designer’s Alvar Aalto Museum, to give anyone—and we mean, anyone (with Internet access, that is)—the opportunity to virtually experience Aalto’s buildings, whether at the Alvar Aalto Museum, his 1958 House of Culture, or his lesser-known 1938 Tehtaanmäki School. “Sharing information about Aalto and comprehensively responding to the needs of our various audiences is fundamental to our work,” according to foundation director Tommi Lindh’s statement. “This collaboration is a major step by the Alvar Aalto Foundation towards better accessibility and visibility. We want to be accessible to everyone who does not have a chance to visit our sites in person,” or as we mentioned earlier, can’t handle that snow. Take a tour of the sites here.

Check Out Heal’s New Collection for Young, Small-Space Dwellers




British furniture brand Heal’s has recently launched the Ambrose collection, which is aimed at space-starved city dwellers, like young couples, first-time homeowners, or renters. This latest collection includes shelves designed by British industrial designer Kenneth Grange. One of the most memorable pieces is a shelf by Grange called the “Leaning Wall,” which is basically a wooden shelving unit that rests against a wall (read: No need to screw it on your rental’s walls!), with shelves you can hook onto the vertical board and supported by fabric straps. Other noteworthy items in the collection: an A-frame freestanding shelving unit with desk designed by Matthew Elton, and an upholstered day bed that can be used as seating or as a bed.

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