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CELEBRealty: Justin Bieber’s Latest Rental in Hollywood Hills Called “Extremely Tacky”

Curbed LA recently reported about the notorious Canadian pop star’s latest rented digs, and labelled it “extremely tacky.” The Hollywood Hills home, which used to be an American Idol house, a Playboy TV show and MTV reality show set, and a fitness retreat, has 10 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a gym, a movie theatre, an elevator, three bars, its own “Hollywood Hills” sign rendered in blue tile on its façade, and—get this—its very own night club.” The Biebs is currently renting his digs for US$29,500 a month. We just hope his real estate agent told him about the residence’s notoriety among its next-door neighbors (one of whom told LA Weekly last year that the house has “made life intolerable for many of our residents”). It’s pretty obvious that Justin Bieber can’t just be um, newsworthy, on his own; his house has to be, too. Know more details about Bieber’s digs on Curbed LA.

IKEA Launches a Time-Travel Experiment

Ever wondered what it’s like to meet your future daughter—as a six-year-old and as a teenager—and your daughter’s future boyfriend? It’s going to be a trip, and IKEA is taking you on it for a ride. Partnering with world-famous hypnotist Justin Trantz, IKEA held a time-travel experiment in one of their stores by asking a young couple if they’d like to be hypnotised—then recreated possible future life events right in their own store. “The everyday is exciting! It’s on those seemingly ordinary days life happens and changes. And when it does, so does our home,” Johan Wickmark, IKEA’s Global Catalogue Manager, told grain edit ( “In the new IKEA catalogue, you can find solutions for every episode in life.” Watch the whole experiment here.

Furniture Designer Benoit Malta Creates Collection That Rebels Against Inactivity

Mattresses that conform to your body shape and form, vacuums that you can operate even while you sleep, voice-controlled light switches—many of today’s furniture, appliances, and gadgets seem to promote a body always at rest. Unfortunately, we’re paying for the consequences of inactivity: back pains, muscle atrophy, and other health issues. This is why product and furniture designer Benoit Malta wanted to use the discomfort most people would seem to associate with everyday things that make us move physically, and transpose it into his furniture. Imagine a chair with just two legs, that makes it impossible for you to lounge lazily, but instead stimulates other parts of your body even while in a passive position? A shelving system that mimics climbing holds, which requires you to reeeach for an item you need? And finally, a lamp that you’d need to balance from time to time for it to remain lit? As disconcerting as it sounds, your body will thank you in the long-term for keeping it active with these items in your home. Check the collection out on Benoit Malta News.

Camp Out in a Hotel—on the Water. Yup, Totally Possible.

At Truck-a-Float it is, that is. With only four sleeping pods (that’s “room” for you) that is each topped with a windowed cap like a truck, and all surrounding a communal wooden platform floating off Marine 59 in Far Rockaway, New York—hence the hotel name—you’ll get to experience hotel comfort in a camping-on-the-water setting. Each pod has a sleeping cot for two with pillows (BYObeddings), a fan, mosquito net, cooler, and a flip-down table with its own coffee provisions (hooray!). What’s even better is that it’s just a few blocks away from the train station, and, according to, “a short drive, subway trip, or bike ride from the food kiosk smorgasbord that is the Rockaway boardwalk.” Rent a pod out for only $60 on weekdays, or $90 on weekends.

Furnish Your Room Through This Mobile App

Imagine having the catalogues of Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Herman Miller, and IKEA literally under your fingertip to help you visualize how to furnish your home? That’s what the Furnish app is all about. A quick free download from the iTunes store will show that you can quickly take a photo of your room, and download potential furniture candidates from the partnered brands. Now THIS is the app we ALL need! Know more about it here.


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