Video: Local Bank Transformed Into A Beautiful Modern Home

The homeowner thinks having a vault is the coolest part of this space. Can you guess what she did to the space previously occupied by the bank vault?

Updated on September 11, 2017 12:09 pm

Jerni Camposano

A teller who used to work in this bank bought the property in 1989. See how she created a masterpiece of a home out of her former workplace.

Homeowner Cathy Calhoun tells CNNMoney that she feels secure in her home. Why not, when she's living in a former bank, where assets are supposedly kept safe. This bank in a small town in Pennsylvania, USA was built in 1872. "I tried to preserve as much of the bank as possible when converting it to a house but I knew I had to make it liveable," says Calhoun in the CNNMoney interview.

And oh, there's another vault in the basement and it has been there since the bank was built. Check out what Calhoun did to this no-ventilation-at-all area of her home.

Video courtesy of CNNMoney

Cover photo: Screenshots from the CNNMoney video, left photo courtesy of Cathy Calhoun


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